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  1. If we limit God by what we see in the natural, we can easily become double-minded concerning our future and God's promises. James 1:8 speaks about those who are double-minded as being "uncertain" (unstable) in all their ways. When we are unstable and not completely focused on God's Word, we can fall or stumble along the way. None of us enjoys stumbling – it can be harmful to our health...and spiritual vision! With today's challenges we must have supernatural vision to remain in a position of faith and breakthrough.

    We must eat only from the Tree of Life. If we eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, we will become double-minded and stumble.

    Paul warns as he wrote to the Galatians in Galatians 3 -- they had been "bewitched" and were reverting back to religious performance and legalism rather than being led by the Spirit.

    A works mentality believes that we have to twist God's arm or beg Him to heal us or bless us. No! This is completely opposite of eating from the Tree of Life! The Tree of Life offers complete freedom in Christ.

    Our walk with Him is meant to be on the Freedom Road and not the Guilt-Shame path. Guilt and shame will rob us of our freedom in Christ, and the thief is ever ready to lead us in that direction.


    John 10:10 (NIV) - "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

    John 10:10 gives us a current perspective for a supernatural shift out of a performance mentality and legalistic thinking.

    The thief in the garden is the same as the thief that we battle today. When we are engaging in legalism we are referring to believing that we are righteous because of what we do rather than focusing on what Christ accomplished at the Cross.

    We know, as Christians, that Jesus Christ became the ultimate sacrifice for our sins -- being the Lamb of God crucified. And yet, somehow, we have been deceived into believing that His sacrifice was not enough to make us righteous – as if we have to jump through hoops to keep our salvation which has already been bought through the shed Blood of Christ. (This is where the thief comes into play.)


    If we back up a bit and look at the entire passage (John 10:7-11) leading to what Jesus is explaining, He is referring to Himself as being the Door – the only Door that gives life.

    We want to eat from the Tree of Life today, but there is a thief who wants us to eat from the wrong tree! The enemy attempts to seduce us in our thinking.

    The antichrist spirit began its evil deeds in the Garden of Eden – it did not wait until the very end of times to appear! This spirit is targeting our minds today in many ways and robbing us (he is a thief!) of our dreams and abundance of life! How? By seducing us into believing that our own works, deeds, religious doctrines, or religious performance is our door to salvation and freedom.

    There is nothing that we can do to get God to love us more than He already does.

    Performance that is driven by our need to feel more holy, loved, or accepted is constituted as a works mentality or dead works. And, if we believe that we must perform in that fashion (religious works), we are eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.


    We can elevate works or believing something opposite to what God says about us and it becomes idolatry and is tied to an Antichrist spirit.


    Because we are coming into agreement with what the enemy says (i.e. "I'm not good enough"; "I'm not praying enough"; etc.) instead of what God says about our being completely righteous because of the finished work on the Cross and His shed Blood.

    If we understand that, as a Believer, we are already righteous – no matter what your past sins were – you can also rest assured that you are completely forgiven and that we now have access to our royal lineage and God's PURPOSE for our life (our CALLING in Christ).

    Believing these things (concerning our righteousness in Christ) is part of eating of the Tree of Life!

    We know we are secure in His righteousness because of Christ's finished work. We already have an inheritance because of that – we just walk in it!


    The enemy loves to provoke us with thoughts and deeds of self-righteousness, religious acts, self-imposed doctrines, and endless self-introspection. After Adam and Eve ate of its fruit, their first response was self-introspection. Their nakedness was not realized until after eating from the wrong tree.

    For us, shame still clothes us when we eat from the lies of the enemy – the thief to whom Jesus refers – as he attempts to seduce us to believe that we have something to do with our righteousness. Again, entering into fullness of life by any other door is entering into a life robbed of its fullness.

    We are under the New Covenant due to the Jesus' finished work at the Cross, but if we read the New Testament with an Old Covenant heart, it will also become law to us.

    In other words, we will just have more dead religion with righteousness that is completely based on more written commandments instead of experiencing the fullness of life due to a living relationship with God. He must become the center – and He is the center due to His becoming the ultimate sacrifice, the Lamb that was slain.

    Once we realize the price for sin was paid at the Cross, we can have confidence that when any death structure – sickness, disease, poverty, lack, etc – attempts to steal from us or rob us of our inheritance, the death structure (any evil assignment against us) has to recognize that there is power in the Blood of Jesus to protect you, provide for you, heal you, and deliver you. And, it's not just an inheritance for you – but also your family!

    When we celebrate communion, it is an ongoing occasion to remind ourselves of what we have received and continue to receive through the body and shed Blood of the Lamb.

    Aren't you thankful today for the obedience of Christ?

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