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Our Lord's Great Prophecy, Part 53

  1. Matthew Chapter 24

    VERSE 29 continued, “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.”

    As the sunlight of the ransom becomes obscured, so the moonlight of the Mosaic Law, which in its sacrifices foreshadowed the ransom, must of necessity become obscured also. It is no longer uncommon for public teachers to refer to the bloody sacrifices of Israel, required by their Law, as barbaric. Once, when they saw by the true light of the Word of God, they appreciated the Apostle's statement that Israel's sacrifices were foreshadows of the "better sacrifices" for sin; but now, refusing the antitype, the ransom, and denying original sin, and all need therefore of sacrifices for it--the typical sacrifices are repudiated also and esteemed barbaric. Thus the darkening of the Gospel sunlight results in the darkening of the moonlight. (Just as it literally happened on May 19, 1780 when the sun was first darkened and then the following night though the moon was full it still gave no light).

    "The moon shall be turned into blood."

    And Joel (2:10) adds that "the stars shall withdraw their shining," which signifies that when the Gospel light is obscured, and the Law comes to be regarded merely as a meaningless and barbaric ceremony of blood, then the teachings of the God-ordained twelve stars of the Church (the apostles) will also fade from view--cease to be recognized guides or lights.

    As we have seen, God has recognized or appointed twelve apostolic stars for the Church. From these and the moon and the sun all the enlightenment of the Church was to proceed. And from these the true light, which has blessed the true Church, has proceeded.

    But Papacy, assuming ecclesiastical lordship of earth, has placed or "ordained" various stars, lights, "authorities," "theologians," in her firmament; and the various Protestant denominations have done likewise, until the whole number is innumerable. But God, while providing helps, evangelists and teachers to his true Church has not ordained any of them with the authority of lights or stars. On the contrary, all of his faithful followers are instructed to accept as light only those rays of truth seen to proceed from the sun and moon and twelve stars ordained for that purpose.

    All the others of God's people are during this age to be burning and shining lamps, and are not to put their lamps under a bushel, but to so shine as to glorify their Father in heaven.

    The word star (Greek aster) is not used respecting any of the faithful (outside the apostles) in referring to them in this present life; but it is used with reference to those who depart from the truth, and become "heady," false teachers, "vainly puffed up," aspiring to be considered authorities (theologians) in the same sense as the apostles, and who are styled "wandering stars," "false apostles." 2 Cor. 11:13; Rev. 2:2; Jude 13

    On the contrary, the Scriptures everywhere hold out the promise that the faithful, humble lamp-light-shiners of this present time shall by and by with Christ be the glorious and honored seed of Abraham--"as the stars of heaven." But NOT in the present "heavens" which shall shortly pass away with great commotion, will these shine--no, but in the "new heavens"--the new ecclesiastical kingdom of the Millennial age. Of the same class, and of that same resurrection time, the Prophet Daniel (12:3) says, "They that be wise, shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness, as the stars for ever and ever." The Apostle Paul also speaks of the Church's future glory in the first resurrection, saying that their glories will differ "as star differs from star in glory."

    Now if God ordained only twelve stars as lights for his Church, as represented in Revelation (12:1), is it not a great mistake for popes and bishops to regard themselves as successors of the apostles--stars also?

    And is it not a fact that certain of the so-called "higher critics" regard themselves and are regarded by others as the equals or indeed the superiors of the apostles, as light-shiners, stars?

    And do not they and others show this, by preaching their own ideas (their own theories); shining out their own light on various subjects, without considering it necessary to consult or to give as proof the words of the inspired apostles?

    And if they quote or refer at all to the light of the true stars, the twelve apostles' teachings, is it not rather to have them CONFIRM their views or light, rather than to show that the teaching is light from the apostolic stars?

    And indeed the light of these false stars, "wandering stars," is usually so opposed to that of the inspired twelve, that they can scarcely so much as find a suitable text from their writings. Not without a fair amount of wrestling and twisting that is.

    Continued with next post.

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    Harvest 1874
    I am and have been a Bible Student now for over 30 years ever since the day the Lord so graciously called me out of darkness into his marvelous light. To Him be the honor and glory forever. Everyday I thank Him for the privilege of working in His "vineyard".


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