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  1. Behold

    How to get God to use you.

    - You want God to use you.? Yes? Ok, here is how to get that going, asap. A.) Always Make what is important to God, your life's work, your main motivation, = your "ministry. That's it. Final answer. Do that all the time, and He'll use you all the time. (see the 1st Commandment) to get...
  2. Behold

    Your Thoughts on : What is a Christian Forum ?

    - I SEE a "Christian" Forum, as a 24/7 Online Church "outreach" , with members assembled together. And its job is to grow and protect. Its to Grow all believers, in Grace and Theology, and its to protect the new believer who shows up from heretics and heresy that is designed to cause Faith to...
  3. Behold

    Taking the Communion : Worthily

    Reader, If you consume the Communion unworthily, then you are not in the right Faith.. You're in Broken Faith... as right faith, believes that Jesus is our Righteousness, and we are "made righteous" at all times. So, when we don't know that or understand that, and take The Communion....then...
  4. Rapture and End Times

    God’s Cosmic Tapestry: The Unity of Heaven and Earth

    In the grand tapestry of existence, where the Lord's cosmos unfurls its marvels, we find ourselves intricately interwoven with the fabric of the Universe. This post delves into this profound understanding. God’s Cosmic Tapestry: The Unity of Heaven and Earth
  5. Rapture and End Times

    Rapture 2023? Don’t be Left Behind on the Late Great Planet Earth (or Worse)

    All indications are that we are approaching the final countdown. Whether you believe that or not, the real death rate is one per person, meaning that each person’s death is a matter of when, not if. What is our ultimate fate? Rapture 2023? Don’t be Left Behind on the Late Great Planet Earth (or...
  6. Rapture and End Times

    May 28: Pentecost Celebration!

    Pentecost is celebrated by Christians on May 28th. Pentecost was when the Lord gave Moses the law, and was the day the Church was born. Interestingly, Enoch was born and later taken up on Pentecost. Let's explore the prophetic implications in this post. May 28: Pentecost Celebration!
  7. Behold

    What is "Self Righteousness". ?????

    Reader, What is self Righteousness? What is it exactly? Self righteousness = is trying to >make yourself right with God<, by works, deeds, self effort, lifestyle. That is "Legalism", and God abhors it. He hates it. It offends Him. It offends the Cross of Christ. Now, here is how to get...
  8. Behold

    "Joint Heir with Christ"....... means...

    ALL The born again are "in Christ'". If you are only water baptized and religious, then you are not yet born again. If you have no idea what i mean, then you are probably not born again. Being BORN AGAIN = This mean's they, we, us, are literally and eternally joined to God and Christ...
  9. Behold

    For Your Consideration #2

    - Adam, was created perfect. Eve was created from Adam's Rib. You are from the seed of fallen Adam, and because of His rebellion, you will find yourself rebellious. Rebellion and Lust are the heart and soul of sin. Consider this.. When Adam "fell", there was no Moses Law, no 10 Commandments...
  10. Rapture and End Times

    Why Erdogan Antichrist will Win the May 2023 Election in Turkey

    Erdogan will do everything to overturn the Ottoman defeat of 1917. During the second half of the Tribulation, the world is dominated by the Beast. Here are 5 reasons why Erdogan will win the Turkey election of May 2023. Why Erdogan Antichrist will Win the May 2023 Election in Turkey
  11. Behold

    Christianity : is very interesting.

    - Christianity is very interesting. God provided the forgiveness, the righteousness, the power to do it, and the completion of it. Philippians 1:6 We receive all this, as "yet a sinner"....... We went to the Cross, a dirty rotten unbeliever, .. with a lifetime of sin in our past, and probably...
  12. Behold

    Who is : "Made perfect"

    - if you are born again, then this is the "real you" that is currently "seated in Heavenly Places, in Christ". That is not symbolic. If you are born again, then you are "translated from darkness....TO LIGHT"> That is not symbolic. Christ is the LIGHT of the World, His Father lives in LIGHT...
  13. Behold

    Christophany's Questions : Answered

    Good questions from the Member. - - 1- Believers in the N.T. are called saints, holy ones and not sinners. Do you disagree ? We are not sinners. Unbelievers are sinners, because they are not born again. The Born again, exist" in Christ".. and there is no sin found 'In Christ". We, the born...
  14. Behold

    Born again... vs....not born again.

    - Here is a verse from John “""""""Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin… In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil…""""""" Now.....Notice that the verse is defining the born again as "does not commit sin", and the sinner is the child of the devil. What...
  15. Behold

    Why These Exist for you.

    Only Because God exists, all these exist : Heaven The World The Universe A Sunset Life Air Light Love Hope Peace Truth Health Healing Beauty Forgiveness Compassion Loyalty Bravery Charity Goodness Kindness Friendship Family Grace Mercy Pardon Wisdom A 2nd Chance The Way Home Salvation Jesus...
  16. Behold

    Over 250 (Palestinian) Gaza Rockets fired into Israel : 5-10-2023

    Netanyahu ready to step up Gaza strikes as 270 rockets fired at Israel """ Iron Dome intercepts dozens of projectiles; flights briefly stopped from landing at Ben Gurion during Tel Aviv salvo, but airport operating normally now; 2 hurt running for shelter IDF says 270 rockets fired at Israel...
  17. Behold

    Why you have to be : "Made Righteous"

    - The born again are "made righteous".. Here is what God does. As a previous sinning unbeliever, You come to the Cross, knowing you are a lost sinner.....hell bound. Only JESUS SAVES.....and you have come to BELIEVE THIS.. You have heard the Good News.....that Jesus died for your sin on The...
  18. Behold

    Entire Sanctification = "In Christ"

    - Jesus is our entire Sanctification. He is also the author and finisher of our faith. Do you have Him in you? Are you born again? So, when we are "In Christ", we are as spiritually sanctified as God Himself, as its God's Sanctification that is to have become "the righteousness of God in...
  19. Rapture and End Times

    Previews of the Rapture Throughout the Bible

    While the rapture is not mentioned explicitly in the Bible, there are several passages that provide a preview of this event. In this message, we explore clues to our "blessed hope." Previews of the Rapture Throughout the Bible
  20. Behold

    New Eyes = "renewed mind".

    - If a Christian is "sinning and repenting" "confessing and repenting", for years, then this is because they do not see themselves as God sees them. Saint, Anything that is wrong with your Christianity, is not the devil, is not your flesh, ..is simply that you believe wrong, regarding how you...