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  1. Behold

    Soul Winning

    Here is why people do not believe in Jesus, right now.. Here is why UNBELIEVERS exist, right now.. who have never been born again.. A.) "in whom (that person) the god of this world has BLINDED THEIR MIND... as otherwise the Light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ would shine into them".. and...
  2. DeHare

    'I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you’

    But to whom does Genesis 12:3 refer to? Let’s explore some scriptural facts and historical evidences. It was a promise made to the patriarch Abraham way before the 12 tribes of Israel came into existence and the seed was none other than Jesus Christ. As the apostle Paul clearly stated in Gal...
  3. Behold

    Gaining : The Maturity

    Reader... - When a person comes to God by Faith in Christ... God gives them "Christ's righteousness" as "the imputed righteousness of Christ'. This is the "Divine Exchange", whereby Jesus takes your sin, as "God hath made Jesus to BE .Sin....for us". In other words, Jesus becomes our sin, as...
  4. Behold

    A Short Study on : Justification

    - Reader Let me show you how Paul explains : Justification 1.) Its "God who Justifies" based on what He created/offers as the Justification,= being Imputed through Faith. "Grace through Faith". This is the Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross.. , which is God's Grace and God's Justification who is...
  5. Behold

    Why God answers Prayers

    Reader, Let me show you why you might be struggling to "believe" that God will answer your prayers. Its perhaps because you dont feel like you deserve it. ???? You dont feel that you are worthy, or that you have done enough for God, to merit getting your prayer answered... or you might feel...
  6. Behold

    God is always there for you..

    - Reader, A few years ago, in a 24 hr period, i was traveling in a rented car from Pensacola, Fl, almost to Miami. Top of the State to the Bottom, and back. I had business there. Its in the Summer. When i got to the Florida Everglades, (its a slightly narrow 2 lane road), i was "stuck" behind...
  7. Behold

    Right Faith vs Wrong Faith

    Reader... God requires faith in Christ before He gives you HIS "Gift of Salvation." Jesus said..>"all that believe in me".....>He never said..>>"all that i cause to Believe will believe"., as that is John Calvinism's demonic twist on it. Jesus is not a Calvinist. Listen and think.... = If...
  8. DeHare

    Two cardinal signs of the End Times

    Throughout the past two millennia, there have been constant speculations over the biblical End Times. Scriptures had been interpreted and reinterpreted, according to the zeitgeist of the day, in an effort to identify events leading up to humanity’s concluding phase. Many observers in times...
  9. Behold

    More : About The LAW

    Reader, How the Law defines you, vs, How It can't anymore. So, understand..... that if you are not born again, then all your sin is unresolved and you'll die in it, including the main one.. as that is to have died never born again, as a Christ rejector.. and Hell is waiting for those, and...
  10. Behold

    SALVATION : How long does it take?

    Reader, Salvation, takes just as long as God needs to cause you to be BORN AGAIN. As being BORN AGAIN, is the ONLY proof..... that you, me, us... = have received God's Salvation. Q.) What does God have to do, to make your Salvation happen? 1.) He has to accept your Faith in Christ. 2.) He...
  11. Behold

    How to take : The Lord's Name in Vain.

    - Here is how to teach it , Reader. "tho shalt not TAKE the Lord's Name, in Vain". What is that? How do you do that? Its this.... A.) You fake being a Christian. Explain.... Its like this.. Becoming a CHRISTian, is a Birth in the Spirit and a eternal marriage regarding the Lamb of God...
  12. Behold

    Being : Perfected

    - Reader, In the NT, Paul speaks of being "perfect"... "as many as be PERFECT". What is that actually? Its not behavior. Its not keeping law and commandments. Its not "trying to be like Christ". Its not yawning through another Saturday or Sunday morning church service. A.) Its "God's...
  13. Behold

    More about : Paul #1

    Reader, ... 1.) The bible is not a Novel. Its not pulp-fiction. Its not a news paper. Its not a dictionary. It is the Final Authority that was leading the world to God before you were born, and after they bury you or cremate you, the Bible will still be here, leading the World to God, and...
  14. Behold

    Israel : and the End Times

    Hello again Reader, Isn't it wonderful to serve the Living God, who has everything under control? We serve a big God. A Mighty God And He never sleeps... And He knows the MIND of us all, including the members of the Islamic Terrorist faith who want all Jews and all Americans and the rest of...
  15. Behold

    How to get God to use you.

    - You want God to use you.? Yes? Ok, here is how to get that going, asap. A.) Always Make what is important to God, your life's work, your main motivation, = your "ministry. That's it. Final answer. Do that all the time, and He'll use you all the time. (see the 1st Commandment) to get...
  16. Behold

    Your Thoughts on : What is a Christian Forum ?

    - I SEE a "Christian" Forum, as a 24/7 Online Church "outreach" , with members assembled together. And its job is to grow and protect. Its to Grow all believers, in Grace and Theology, and its to protect the new believer who shows up from heretics and heresy that is designed to cause Faith to...
  17. Behold

    Taking the Communion : Worthily

    Reader, If you consume the Communion unworthily, then you are not in the right Faith.. You're in Broken Faith... as right faith, believes that Jesus is our Righteousness, and we are "made righteous" at all times. So, when we don't know that or understand that, and take The Communion....then...
  18. Rapture and End Times

    God’s Cosmic Tapestry: The Unity of Heaven and Earth

    In the grand tapestry of existence, where the Lord's cosmos unfurls its marvels, we find ourselves intricately interwoven with the fabric of the Universe. This post delves into this profound understanding. God’s Cosmic Tapestry: The Unity of Heaven and Earth
  19. Rapture and End Times

    Rapture 2023? Don’t be Left Behind on the Late Great Planet Earth (or Worse)

    All indications are that we are approaching the final countdown. Whether you believe that or not, the real death rate is one per person, meaning that each person’s death is a matter of when, not if. What is our ultimate fate? Rapture 2023? Don’t be Left Behind on the Late Great Planet Earth (or...
  20. Rapture and End Times

    May 28: Pentecost Celebration!

    Pentecost is celebrated by Christians on May 28th. Pentecost was when the Lord gave Moses the law, and was the day the Church was born. Interestingly, Enoch was born and later taken up on Pentecost. Let's explore the prophetic implications in this post. May 28: Pentecost Celebration!