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Walking With God: A Process of Sanctification

By Angelina · May 5, 2020 · ·
  1. I am thankful that God in all his mercies, has led me on a path of learning, understanding and growth through circumstances, divine appointments, and encounters with mighty men and women of God throughout my walk with Christ.

    Growth can be an exciting adventure as a new believer and coming from the worldly perspective, a real culture shock. I recall meeting a lovely lady in church who told me that although it may seem exciting as a new believer, the novelty will soon wear off over time. Well it hasn't. It had only accelerated over the years which helped me to step out in faith and mature as I went along

    I realise in hindsight, how much grace God had given me when learning new things and then having to test them out to see if those things were true. The outcome was always a mixture of good and not so good but it taught me how to rely on the Holy Spirit to teach and guide me on a pathway that brought me closer to God through his merciful and gracious son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I had some awesome teachers over the years and due to my enquiring mind, kept them on their toes. One of those teachers was my homegroup leader [Milo] who reinforced the need for us in his new believer group, to learn the word of God and to remember scripture and verse off by heart. This helped tremendously when encountering non-believers in regards to the salvation message and also Christians whose philosophy in life, did not match up with the the word of God.

    There was also many Godly counsellors, placed on my path and I am thankful for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding I have gained while sitting under their tree. Seers, Prophets, Prayer Warriors, Evangelists, Worshipers, missionaries, Counsellors, deliverance ministers, healers, teachers, preachers were all part of the process of my walk with God and what an exciting life that has been and is still today.

    There are a number of things I have learned as a new believer and here are just a few...

    The need to be part of a gathering of believers ~ Whatever that may look like. A place where you are able to meet other Christians who can encourage you and you are able to encourage others. It is a place where you can build yourself up for the week ahead and equip you for the work of the ministry. A place where you get to hear more about the God of the bible and begin to understand his character. Hebrews 10:24-25, 1 Corinthians 14:26 Knowing God's character is vitally important in your walk with God as it stops you from being deceived by the enemy

    Reading Your Bible Regularly ~ It teaches you God's character, it brings revelation. Your conscience becomes acutely aware that some things that are acceptable to the world are not acceptable as a Christian believer. It instructs you in the way you should go. It guides and directs your steps. I teaches you how to pray. It trains you up for the ministry. It disciplines. Holy Spirit. [which was given to you as a new believer] will help you along the way by shedding light on scripture and understanding of God's word through his truth. It is your sword. Ephesians 6:17, Hebrews 4:12.

    Find mature believers who are willing to invest some time and energy into your life. These will normally come on your path through divine appointments God has prepared beforehand. They are usually people who are known to be of Godly character, who have a solid understanding of God's word, they have made themselves accountable to others and they are proven to be Godly men and women in every aspect of their home and public life.




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  1. Angelina
    @farouk, when God is speaking to your heart about something, you know it. Especially newbies. They are trying to get a grasp on the whole christianity culture thing because it is very foreign to them. Bible inspired words are on another level when God is in the house ;)
  2. farouk
    @Angelina We are all different, indeed. It becomes mere legalism if my preferences and likes and dislikes are used to become a supposed norm for others....especially if it has absolutely nothing to do with doctrine.
  3. Angelina
    Lol! @farouk. I remember as a newby having a habit. It wasn't a bad habit as far as I was concerned but still... a habit.

    I searched the scriptures to see if that habit was a bad thing according to the bible. It wasn't in the bible so I thought "Yessss" I have a green light on the word of God regarding this habit.....

    God really does have a sense of humor though, because not long after my elation dance, he led me to a verse that says "What ever you become a slave to, becomes your master."

    I had to really think and apply it to my situation. Have I become a slave? has this become my master? :oops::confused::(:rolleyes: Okay Lord, I hear ya!
  4. farouk
    @Angelina You're right about prayerful Bible reading! how necessary it is! :)