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  • Remember that you are someone who is a person who God is interested in. If you desire to talk to the Father in heaven, just call out to him, and give thanks to the one whom gives us life every morning when arising from bed.
    Did you know God promised to get rid of Satan in the garden? Revelation, reveals he is done away with forever. Do you trust God and his promise or doubt?
    God doesn't respect you more over an unbeliever, or someone who has some messed up theology that you disagree with. Did you know that?
    God loves you, and Jesus paid for your sins due to his faith. Everything you have done has been forgiven, even in the future if you sin again. Work it out with Yahava, his grace is sufficient enough.
    As long as you ask for forgiveness if you have sinned in the future.
    do remember every sin you committed?
    If you are faithful believer and follower of the Lord Yeshua, understand that you are part of the heavenly kingdom above, and this world is only temporary.
    Many people forget you are to love others (despite doctrinal differences). Having faith that God is able to work in and through their life. Jesus allows all to come to the Father, now.
    Jesus and his faith towards his Father has allowed your sins to be forgiven. Now its up to you to look towards faith in Yeshua, … or not. He does change ones life, in faith towards him.
    “For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God” (Deuteronomy 4:24) (Hebrews 12:29)
    The use of the bible should be to see if you are living a life for Yahava and are track to have love by the Spirit of Christ, and the Holy Spirit of God that is given to you. Worship God in spirit and truth.
    People who shame other people for their sinful behavior most likely still miss the mark as well. Dont shame, acknowledge what you do to your Father in heaven in Jesus name.
    Faith pleases God. Those who have Faith in God will love others. Sometimes you may need to just give others over to God, and walk away. Pray for your enemies, is what Jesus said. God gives them life just as much as you.
    The Gospel was spread throughout the whole uttermost parts of the earth in their day, Acts 1:8. What to do today? Continue to seek Yahava, in faith and love.
    3,000 died with Moses presenting the Law. 3,000 made alive when the holy spirit drops having faith on the risen anointed one?
    Keep growing, may Yahava, give the increase while others, plant and water. Get your nutrients from the living source, (the eternal bread and the eternal waters) the Lord Yeshua the Messiah.
    Pray for all the people you know, even your president leaders and insist on living a quiet peacful life in all godliness.
    Have a good morning/night whereever you are. God is good, God is love, and God is there to hear you when you call out. Ask him for help by the spirit in Jesus name, and be encouraged to read your bible.
    For those who are lonely, may the Lord fill you with Joy, despite the setback. Yahava, does care and love you! He pours out his grace upon those who hold on his Son. It is sufficent while you suffer in weaknesses.
    May the Father in heaven be with you; and may you be encouraged to trust and go to Him, stick to the source of life Yeshua, and may you have gratitude in suffering. Love you!
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