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  • Isn't there such a thing as separation between Church and State? Especially in America?
    All that means is that there is no government-sponsored denomination in the USA* as there had been in countries like England. Anti-christian activists keep trying to twist that phrase --IIRC, coined by Thomas Jefferson, not in the Constitution-- to be more restrictive on Believers.

    Christians of every flavor may still express their personal opinions at the voting booth.

    *First amendment.
    God had raised Jesus up from the dead. That means when we pass away one day, the same thing will happen to you. God is good, and loves you.
    To those who are in need of prayer. Remember that God is there, and that even though you may feel out of place, in his kingdom are you.
    Amazing what God has set-up and established. With His own Living Word -which became the Son of God. Yeshua, who has overcome all things!
    Remember that God loves you, for you. Our soul is our mind/will/emotions. God desires to help us with our soul, and praying with thanksgivin
    Good thing Sin was taken care of at the cross of Christ. Newness of life come out of this understanding moving forward in growing and learn.
    Justified by faith. Hoping in things unseen, in hope to receive it through belief. Resurrection; faith. Walk by faith. Live by faith. Prayer
    Something that is interesting is that most people spend their days without picking up and reading a bible. Sure they heard in the past.
    Even though your flesh may not be happy, enjoy the spirit being thankful through the tough times that come along. Not everyone has it easy.
    Amazing, how much rest a person can receive in understanding and knowing that their sins have been taken care of by the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Amazing what the Son of God had done for the entire world. Paying for the sin of all people. Even unbelievers, they just have not believed.
    Every day is a choice to place and put God in ones life. Prayers and supplications are highly important. Loving God First, and others second
    God doesn't love you more, or less, based on what you do. It is by faith you are made right with God. Titus 3:3-6
    Ask Yahweh to help you by the spirit, in the name of Yeshua. He will, Yahweh is good, and Yahweh is love. May praise reside in your heart.
    All of us have certain confirmation biases; to overcome to them seek out for answers and truth founded with-in the Context of the Bible.
    My encouragement for all people is to dig into their bible, read it out loud to yourself. Experience it. May you be blessed by the Lord God.
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