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  • Hanukka, started sunday!! Happy HOLY DAYS! it takes eight days to rededicate an Alter, So you still have Four days to rededicate your Heart!
    Quartzsite is an interesting, unique name...
    I think geology and mining is a neglected area; Christians sometimes back out because they don't want to mess with evolutionary propaganda; and others back out also because they don't want to mess with all the environmental activists who are viscerally opposed to all mining companies...
    Oct 13 - Sundown, Tishri 15th, Celebrate the Birth of Our Savior! The Word became Flesh & Tabernacled among US. Feast of Tabernacles
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    So Great. I need to look at that calendar again. I can't remember who shared that with me before. But praise God!!!! Do you celebrate Christmas in December also to celebrate Jesus birth?
    Yom Teruah! Past, 10 Commandments Given, Future, Gathering of the Faithful
    Today! around 4000 yrs ago the 10 Commandments, Mount Sinai, and 2000 yrs ago, the Holy Spirit was Given. Chag Shavuot, Pentecost
    Always will she be there with you in your heart. Give God the glory for the time with her He has given you. I am continuing today and always to keep you I prayers as there will be a great emptiness while you continue here....
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