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  1. G

    It's not wrong to be in the garden of Eden, if you don't know why you are there (selah)

    Hi there, So here is a truth, that I think helps keep a fresh mindset. We know about the Garden of Eden and how the Devil was in its midst; further to that, the temptation is to think that the Devil was somehow seeking to get control over man, by bringing him into subjection to sin. In other...
  2. Behold

    Jesus is Salvation

    - Salvation is Christ on the Cross. When this is applied to you, this finished work of God as Christ on the Cross, then you have received the "gift of righteousness", which is "the Gift of Salvation". This is GOD, as Christ, literally dying for your sin on the Cross. This is already...
  3. Istreanu Kalifrey

    Seed of the woman vs seed of the snake

    Sorry this rant was not what I thought it was.