It's not wrong to be in the garden of Eden, if you don't know why you are there (selah)

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So here is a truth, that I think helps keep a fresh mindset. We know about the Garden of Eden and how the Devil was in its midst; further to that, the temptation is to think that the Devil was somehow seeking to get control over man, by bringing him into subjection to sin. In other words, we think to ourselves "the Devil should not have been there". But this isn't true.

It is entirely possible that the Devil did not know why he was there (in the Garden of Eden); that being the case, he did not sin - at least not at first. In other words, the Devil was free of the accusation that he brought against himself - that is, he did not have the strength to accuse himself of much, that would be sin, only when Eve fell to eating the forbidden fruit was the Devil's sin confirmed, with the destruction of the Garden of Eden. If Eve had not sinned, the Devil would have had no sin. This came to be a picture of what Christ would do on the cross, that is, reveal sin, to the world.

Now the Bible talks about the child reaching in to the serpent's den, this too is a picture of the disclosure of sin to the world, in the Holy Spirit. The world will be convicted that the Evolution that it wants to reach in the world, has already been revealed in Christ. Revealing that it has been revealed in Christ, condemns the world. But to pick up our theme, the world not understanding that it is reverting back to past sin, is not wrong, if it has no works in mind for it (no works in mind for the past). This is innocence, it delivers the Devil, it saves the people and it gives the world freedom. This final thing is the Holy Spirit's calling: to give the world freedom - if we are wise, we will pray for it!

And this is our aim: that the world should be destroyed less, as we move forward (in faith)! Lord, reveal our sin (but do not commit to us burden for that for which we are not guilty)!