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  1. I.O.U


    Understand it's you I want More than anything else More than this existence itself I'd happily lay down my life For any other reality Where I can be with you Without their limitations Without a world that's imposed Not because you need me Because I need you I've always needed you Not the other...
  2. I.O.U


    I know that I may never see you again It's the choice you had to make back then Its likely to be the only choice I'm left with Even if that means I have to live with this space inside I'll leave it empty if you ever change your mind Because I've always been looking for a deeper love...
  3. Christian Gedge

    5 Devotionals from 5 Loaves.

    Some years ago, I had the idea of writing 52 devotionals, poems, sermonettes, inspirational pictures etc. and publishing them under the name, ‘5 Loaves and 2 Fishes.’ Well, I never quite got that far, but here is a selection of five devotionals. Blessings. :)
  4. Hidden In Him

    Profound Poetry

    The following was inspired by this offering on a political thread recently: I figured, "Hey, why stop there. Let's keep the ball rolling." Here's another one:
  5. M

    Just a song waiting for some music

    Are you surviving or are you living? Near the end or the beginning? Building walls or just forgiving? You have to make some choices. Can you hear someone calling? Are you standing or are you falling? Afraid of death, while life's appalling? Just shut off all the voices. Turn around so you can...