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Jan 27, 2021
North Carolina
United States
Volunteering is very underrated. I think people understand it as a noble thing to do but don't realize that what you get out of it is way more than any effort you put in.

When I started volunteering at the local pregnancy resource center, it introduced me to women who were like-minded and giving. These women are my sisters and have given me a level of friendship I never understood before. They pray for me, spoil me on my birthdays and milestones, are there if I need to talk, and are warm and encouraging. I could never put a price on their kindness towards me.

I became a happier and more thoughtful person and I leveled up in my relationship with God. I gained a sense of purpose beyond myself by learning to serve as a volunteer and at home.

The hands-on actions I do in my role have a soothing effect on me.

Volunteering in one role led to me learning a lot more about the pro-life movement, getting a passion for it and has led to more outreach opportunities.

It is something I can do while still prioritizing being a homemaker and is very flexible. You can do it regardless of age and it's great if you cannot work a traditional job. It's great even if you only can commit one hour a week or every other week.

I see a lot of bored and lonely people in my generation on social media. I wish I could convince them to give volunteering a try. You get more than you give.