CBN LIVE NOW Easter Garden Tomb Service In Israel

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Dec 20, 2020
United Kingdom
Thank you for posting the video link , been watching it xxx
Just in context, The speaker, Nicky Gumbrel started the Alpha course in the U.K. and it has been used in a mighty way. The church I use to go to was against the course because it dint hold with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So I agreed with them. Then one day I felt prompted to get the Alpha course and watch it with my non believing husband. We watched a few of the videos ( tells you how long ago it was ! ) he seemed unchallenged and I questioned why I had felt the prompt. I use to watch the videos prior to watching it with my husband. Every time I tried to watch the one on the Holy Spirit the phone would ring, or someone would knock the door. So I decided that it must be important to watch considering something was trying to prevent it.
I watched it and agreed with everything it said…..the I realised the prompt to watch the alpha course was for my benefit and instead of just believing What my church taught I would study scripture for myself ……..I left that church a few years later.
So Nicky Gumbrel played a part in my testimony xx