Debunking's Article "What Is Universalism and Why Is It Fatally Flawed?"

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Feb 20, 2023
Western Kansas
United States
Doctrinal discussion is fun, fascinating, and fruitful when done correctly. I do believe that our understanding is affected by spiritual forces. The great news is that doctrinal understanding isn't important. What IS important for salvation (meaning no death, judgment, condemnation, or a trip to the "Lake of Fire") is belief in and love of Jesus, a desire to obey is commandments, and love for one another.
I would say 'I agree' but then that depends on whether you are talking about the salvation of your spirit, or soul, or body. :contemplate: And that's when you find out just how much 'fun, fascination and fruit'...or not...there is between brothers and sisters in Christ 'discussing' the 'doctrines' and commandments of man. ;)
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