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Epiphany's its time to share.

Discussion in 'Testimonial Forum' started by BrotherIan, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. BrotherIan

    BrotherIan Member

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    After 16 years of Trauma, being tortured, and Intimidation, poisoned etc.

    A Artery in my Heart Ruptured, as i was leaving this World, i seen white silver light, and could not breath.

    This Happened right in front of my wood fire place.

    My Dogs fussed around my feet i could feel and hear them but not see.
    All i could see was white silver fog light, and i was having trouble breathing then

    with my last words i gasped, Please God Help Me.

    My Strength and vision, Oxygen was restored.

    3 days i stayed at home.

    I then went to hospital, they took blood tests, and the Doctor said- Your Blood Tests are specifying you should not be alive.

    I was taken to surgery and watched on the xray machine my artery spilling blood into my cavity.

    I had a Angiogram and 2 stents put in to repair the rupture.

    Returning home a few days later, Praying in front of my fire place i thanked God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit for saving me

    then the most spiritual experience of my whole life happened 2 Epiphanys in the space of a few days appeared before my eyes.

    I thought it was time to share these, as i caught them on Video

    Go to YOU TUBE type in> Lumber Jaxe Revelation
    or GOOGLE type in> Lumber Jaxe Revelation
    and 2 fire holy spirit videos can be viewed.
    or Alternate you can type in Lumber Jaxe and a red face thumbnail appears
    this is my Channel.
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