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God Who Spake at Sundry Times

Discussion in 'Christian Theology Forum' started by epouraniois, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. epouraniois

    epouraniois Guest

    When the Bible opens, we find God speaks:Directly Himself to individual men:Adam-Noah-AbrahamGenesisBy The Prophets:From Moses till John the Baptist:Unto the Fathers {1949bc - The Kingdom Promised - 4bc}The Prophets had spoken "unto the fathers" i.e. the ancestors of the Hebrews "by the Prophets", not by the Priests. The Priests were to offer sacrifices and teach the Hebrews what God had said by the Prophets.Exodus to Malachi thru Mathew 1.1 - 3.12By His Son:"Unto Us Hebrews" {28or29ad} - The Kingdom At HandThe Son had Spoken Unto "us Hebrew", not us Gentiles. In "these days" of that dispensation, not the days of which we now live. God speaking by His Son was the subject of prophecy {Duet. 18.15-19}. He spoke concerning the Kingdom. He only "began" this wonderous speaking; it ended with His death.Mathew - Mark - Luke - JohnBy Them That Heard Him:The 12 Men of Israel to the Jew only {Acts 2} and Paul to the Jew first and then to the Gentile As Wild Olive Grafts {Kingom Postponed}The ministry of the Lord in the four Gospels was carried on by the Twelve after the ascension. There was no break, not was there a new testimony beyong the fact that Christ was risen from the dead. They were commissioned to repeat and confirm what the Son had said.In order to understand the apostolic ministry you must fisrst understand what the Lord's ministry was {Matt. 4.17}.The apostles confined themselves into CONFIRMING what they aheard the Lord say from the start. This proclamation continued through the Acts - It came to a head at Acts 28.24-28}.Book of Acts and Epistles of that Period - Hebrews, 1&2 Thess. 1&2 Cor. Galatians, RomansBy Paul the Prisoner:To The Church Which is His Body - NOWThe Kingdom now is in abeyance. God spoke again this last time through Paul the prisoner. The speaking was to Gentiles apart from Israel. God makes known His great secret, the Mystery, Not by the Old Testament Prophets, not by His Son, not by those who heard Him, but by the Prisoner of the Lord. The unsearchable riches of Christ was revealed exclusively by the "ambassador in bonds". Present Truth is found in the "form of sound words". Christ is now amoung the gentiles. Today, God speaks to us through His Scriptures of truth which were penned by Paul the prisoner. Paul who was the Apostle of the gentiles, was given TWO CALLINGS for them. Only one of them is in view today. Failure to recognize this has resulted in perpetual controversy about churches, and ordinances, and gifts.Prison Epistles:Ephesians, Philippians, Coossians, Philemon, 1 Timothy, Titus, 2 TimothyDIRECTLY HIMSELF:Tribulation and the KingdomWhen the present dispensation is over, God will speak again. He well speak directly Himself.Psalms 50.1Hebrews 12.25