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Halting the Sun at Gibeon

Discussion in 'Bible Study Forum' started by bbyrd009, Sep 15, 2018.

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    Most of the Bible is an adaptation of the very ancient and quite global wisdom tradition that celebrated the exuberant freedom and autonomy of every human individual (Jude 1:24) and the subsequent psychodiversity of the entire human realm, whereas most formal Christianity is an adaptation of Roman Imperial Theology, which was designed to control the masses and make them compliantly stand in neat rows, waiting for orders in solemn uniformity.

    Emperor Constantine famously made Christianity the Roman state religion, but Constantine's favored deity was and always remained Sol Invictus, or the Invincible Sun (hence aureoles and Christmas and all that), and many aspiring world-leaders before and since him have used the sun and its signature invincibility as their chief symbol. The sun's invincibility would be argued by the fact that nothing can stop it from moving. That is, of course, unless something even greater than the sun shows up and demonstrates this superiority by stopping the sun dead in its tracks.

    Stopping the unstoppable

    The Greek version of the name Joshua is Jesus, and Constantine's version of Jesus became the recipient of a vast personality cult: in effect, Constantine made Jesus the new and everlasting Caesar of the Roman Empire. This was obviously a blatant perversion of everything Jesus had preached, so the official next step was to discourage people from reading the Bible. That worked wonders too, and still does in many regions of the 'Christian' world..." Evolution, the Bible and the halting of the sun over Gibeon
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