In Heaven we can't tell what our sin was, even if we wanted to (and that's the way we liked it)

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there!

So there are plenty of people in this world, who have sinned to the point, that they would rather be in Heaven, but they don't know why - that's what preachers with a word of knowledge from the Lord are for! They (these people) honestly would die for someone to make clear what the sin they committed was. It may be a murderer, who forgets the insult that was perpetrated against them, it may be the thief that forgets the value of what they stole, it may be an adulterer who forgets the pleasure of the flesh - all these people reach Heaven, with the innocence that they did not know any better. But the faith, is different.

The faith is different, because we have confessed our sin, we don't need someone else to tell us what it was, it is out of our minds and we can't remember it, and that's the way we liked it! We give praise to God that our memory of our sin, is no more! Our sins are washed clean, they are as white as snow - we praise God for our whiteness and that settles it. God Himself is pleased that we no more have reason to go back to our sin, that we are not proud of our piety - as is a possibility for some. Rather our relationship with God grows, because we have what He desires (innocent praise) and He has what we desire (righteousness) and the more we come together, the stronger that growing relationship becomes. Our praise may change, but our forgiveness from sin remains constant.

In remaining constant, we are able to draw others into a relationship with Christ, we are able to confess their sin, on their behalf or at least intercede that they sin no more. This empowers the relationship that grows between God and believers, that the glory of God be known - here on Earth and into Eternity. This is doing the work of the Holy Spirit, that the Devil's temptation, that we keep a memory of our sin, even when we are not giving God glory - which is sin that would destroy us, if it were left that way. As such we have reason to be grateful just as others who are beginning to be saved are grateful. For the Devil cannot accuse us, of sin we cannot remember. The more innocent we remain, the more Heaven grows on us - praise God!

I hope this is of some encouragement. I hope that you are forgiven.

God bless.