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    We've got this! We should start praying "Thankyou Father, that Your Son's Gospel has gone out to *all* the nations of the world - we say by faith!"

    Hi there, So yes, this just occurred to me now: we should be praying "Thankyou Father, that Your Son's Gospel has gone out to all the nations of the Earth - we say by faith in His Name". By doing this, we enter into the labor that is required and fix our sight on the goal - this will make us...
  2. G

    You use your Heavenly body to work; if you don't work, you fall to Earth - not that falling to Earth doesn't give you rest, but it doesn't empower you

    Hi there, So from the title of this thread, you should already be able to work out that they purpose in Heaven is to empower. The joy you get from serving the Lord, is from serving, and while waiting on the Lord serves, the Lord is not always there. If the Lord is not there, you need to be...
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    The world cycles through happy times and sad times, is this spitting in the wind? (Solomon?)

    Hi there, So, just like El Nino and La Nina, there is a pattern of behaviour throughout the world. This pattern, at its peak is greatly shared happiness and at its trough is privately withheld sadness. This is our humanity. The same is true of our relationship with the Lord: sometimes we are...
  4. Behold

    1.) Blood Washed, and then... : 2.) Spiritually Renewed..= Born again.

    Reader, The word of God, is more than a book. Its spiritual, its living, and its REVELATION. Its Light for Life. Its "Milk" its "Prophecy"... "Its a lamp and a light"... and it has the ability to read your mind and separate soul and spirit. Now, when we see this..>"W.ord" of God.. so that...
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    God suffers more with us, than we can suffer on our own - but He does it anyway! (heartfelt?)

    Hi there, So it is just out of love that I want to say this: suffering in God, comes at a far higher price, than we pay for on our own. This doesn't deter God, He is happy to share our suffering with us - until we find comfort. That so great a God would come down to our level, and be a part of...
  6. Behold

    Soul Winning

    Here is why people do not believe in Jesus, right now.. Here is why UNBELIEVERS exist, right now.. who have never been born again.. A.) "in whom (that person) the god of this world has BLINDED THEIR MIND... as otherwise the Light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ would shine into them".. and...
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    I'm praying that the Holy Spirit would come to my Church (joining?)

    Hi there, So I have to confess, that I actually saw the Holy Spirit come to my Church - but I didn't recognise Him until after He had left. Sorry. Now I am begging God that He come back, so that I can talk with Him (learn from Him). I figure the best thing I can do, is pray that He comes back...
  8. G

    The rapture has already started (on Earth). Paul Washer, the first of the faithful to be raptured to Christ (still?)

    Hi there, I believe the Rapture has reached Earth. I previously had a dream of my grandmother being raptured to the Lord, but didn't know what it meant. Now however, I looked in the Holy Spirit where Paul Washer was and I couldn't see him! He is waiting for the Church to join Christ, in the...
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    Lucifer is herding people to the Cross, without Jesus - will you fight with those around you? (mean?)

    Hi there, So in Revelation it is said that Satan will be let out of the pit, for a little while, to gather the nations to war. But the History of Lucifer is not mentioned. My belief is that Lucifer has already been locked up in the pit 300 AD and has from 1800 AD been released to push the...
  10. G

    I saw a partial vision, of the Spirit of God's Wisdom, swirling above me (worship?)

    Hi there, So, I just had the partial vision of the Spirit of God's Wisdom, swirling above me (like an aura borealis, but one colour) - and I just had to share! I wonder where the Spirit will lead? Yours truly, Chris
  11. G

    Here's another likeable thread: what is it, that you want the Holy Spirit to take from Christ and give to you the most? (thinking?)

    Hi there, So this is really going to inspire me, I'm sure of it: what is it, that you want for the Holy Spirit to take from Christ and give to you, the most? It could be anything; I don't want to prejudice the answers here - but I know there will be hot and cold answers (hopefully more cold)...
  12. G

    I said, "Father! You be the One to define yourself!" and God started to relate to me! Praise God!

    Hi there, So there has been a bug bear in my mind, for some time: how do you define God? What about God do you share with the world? The answer to those questions is a bit of a trick, because even though there are many answers (from many people, actually), the truth is God can define Himself...
  13. G

    The Spirit renews the Spirit, how is this possible? (reading scripture?)

    Hi there, So there is a simple concept that you can bring in to play, in your walk with the Lord: the Spirit renews the Spirit, by reading scripture. This is renewal, not revival. Revival comes when we have imparted scripture to others in a sufficient way. The point is, we should be reading the...
  14. G

    We need to be on the front foot, the Devil wants to snare the nations, by provoking their world (angry?)

    Hi there, So I have been watching the Lord, looking to the Heavens and resisting the Devil (as best I can), and I have begun to perceive a pattern in the Devil's attacks. The Devil has made the nations of the world his focus, and wishes to bring them into a snare (that they are not for God)...
  15. G

    The point is, we know that if we are hot or cold, we are not false, because false at best can only be lukewarm (perceiving?)

    Hi there, So yes, there is a simple calculation you can make on the basis of the choice the Lord gives the Lukewarm Church (Revelation 2). It goes like this: 1) Are you hot or cold? If yes, then you know you have a greater definition than the Lukewarm Church If no, then the question is 2)...
  16. G

    You've got to pray for my Nation, the Devil wants to destroy it and the watchmen sleep! (Lord returning?)

    Hi there, So I just wanted to put a word out there, for people to pray for Australia. The Devil wants to destroy this nation, but the Lord won't stand for it. We need to agree with Him, stand and pray, until we reach "touchdown" and God can claim the victory. We are a very young nation...
  17. G

    We are given this body ("this tent") temporarily, let your light shine through it while you've got it! (bright?)

    Hi there, So I just had a revelation of the importance of the body, while on Earth. As Peter says it is a "tent" (2 Peter 1:14) that we must put off in due time. But why are we given it, for the short time that we are? The point is that we are able to shine a little light, before we enter into...
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    The Devil is trying to choke my faith; the Devil says "you're not allowed to believe, unless you have from the start" (its making me mad!)

    Hi there, So I have been through the whole back sliding thing and come to the conclusion that I both need a second wind and greater grace from God - and this is where the Devil hits me: the Devil says "no, you have become backsliding, there is no more hope for you" and "no God does not want to...
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    Please pray for people who are unequally yoked - your faith comes easy and lightly, but theirs is like a sea of doubt (testing?)

    Hi there, So I will be blunt, I have been unequally yoked. It was a fleeting thing, but I have had dysfunction ever since. It occurred to me that their might be other people like me, struggling with being unequally yoked. I think it would be a good thing, for the Church to pray - since the...
  20. G

    The details of Revelation, are still being revealed in the upper levels of Heaven - on Earth we can only look to the Heavens with trepidation (lost?)

    Hi there, So there are many things revealed in Heaven and Jesus promised that this generation would by no means pass away, until all the things He spoke of had come to pass. The difficulty is that all of the things mentioned in Revelation about the world, are still being revealed in the upper...