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Lay Them Down

Discussion in 'Christian Spirituality Forum' started by hldude33, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. hldude33

    hldude33 Active Member

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    “Lay Them Down”
    By Zach Wood
    1 Peter 5:7 NIV- Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
    NLT- Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

    I read this passage this morning on my YouVersion Bible app and it really hit home with me. When I looked up both translations that I often like reading, both of them really spoke to me. God wants me to cast all of my anxiety on Him. Another way to look at it is giving all of my worries and cares to Him. Laying them all down before Him and letting them go. Why? So that I can fully focus on Him and not let them consume me.

    I have a hunch that many of you reading this are experiencing the same issues in your life. Are you feeling anxious a lot lately? Are you overcome with worry? Are you overwhelmed with concerns that are going on in your life?

    God definitely does not want us to live a life consumed with anxiety, worries and concerns. When we are consumed with these, we cannot focus on Him. So often we let our lives become dominated with these burdens. I have always had a bad habit of letting worry consume me. I don’t try to, but it just happens so often. I am trying more and more each day to give these things to God and let Him fill me with peace.

    I need to remember every single day to lay them down before Him and ask Him to fill me with His presence and let Him consume me instead. I think we all need to be intentional about leaving these things at His feet each day so that we can live lives full of Him.

    I do not want my daily life full of anxiety and worries and concerns and I must be intentional about giving these to God each day. We must all be intentional. Perhaps you need to write these down so that they are all on paper and then pray about them. Be intentional to mention to God each day the specific things that are making you worry and be anxious, asking Him to give you peace and to take away the consuming feeling of focusing on them.

    However you feel like you need to give them up to Him, do it. Fill your mind with Scripture and positive Christian music through the day. Read a book that inspires you and encourages you to put positive thoughts in your mind.

    Check out the song “Cast My Cares” by the group Finding Favour on YouTube. Listen to the words and let the message of this song fill you with hope.

    Lay all your anxiety, worries and concerns down. Lay them all down before Him.
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  2. Nancy

    Nancy Well-Known Member

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    United States
    Awesome post ♥
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  3. Hidden In Him

    Hidden In Him Well-Known Member

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    Great post! I've tended to live my life stress free, but most certainly not by accident but by design. The value we put on things such as income, possessions, standard of living, etc. can lead to a lot of stress, whereas keeping Christ as the top priority in your life can make things much easier. Sure you may have to lead a simpler lifestyle, but it's worth it having peace. :)

    Thanks for the wonderful post.
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  4. Frank Lee

    Frank Lee Well-Known Member

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    A good subject my friend!

    Yes we must cast all our care on him. As time goes by I realize that if I never pick them up in the first place I won't have to lay them down. Often times it appears to others that we don't care about a particular problem if we are not wringing our hands, pacing the floor and moaning over a problem, affliction or disaster.

    I see many posts at this site where burdenous subjects are being picked up and carried about that do nothing but stir up strife and confusion.

    It takes experience and a concentrated effort to resist picking up a problem and carrying it around as if it were really helping. This old adage is very true.

    Lord give me the ability to solve those problems that I can solve, to turn completely over to you those that I can't and the wisdom to know the difference between them.

    Corrie TenBoom's sister Betsy always had a peaceful spirit about her even in the middle of a German death camp. I had an aunt Mary that always had an aura of peace about her. Even as a child I could see it.

    Learning to have as much peace of God as you can in every circumstance is a wonderful great ability and only comes by learning that fretting over things which you have no control is a complete vanity and vexation of spirit.

    This does not come over night but only after many failures and burdening yourself with things you cannot solve or do away with. The sheer fatigue and stress of uselessly wrestling with giant problems again and again will force you to begin to see the wisdom of Jesus' words "take no thought for tomorrow".

    We read that the kingdom of God is three things. Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

    Notice that peace is in the middle. Right in the center between righteousness and joy.

    Peace is to be right in the middle of everything. Peace is the balance. We cannot have peace if we are stressed from carrying heavy burdens.

    We must seek peace and pursue it. Peace is the all important thing. Laying down the burdens we carry and not picking up new ones is great wisdom.
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