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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola
Reader, or Saint.

A.). Made Righteous" = "In Christ".

How would you teach that to your SS class or to your mother?

1.) You'd explain to them that ........ '""" the Spirit is THE... born again..""""

In other words, when Jesus said....>"You must be born again"....>He was not talking about your legs and arms and ears.
As that is your BODY, and your body is "DEAD because of SIN", and is going to the grave.
Your body is going to be put in a box, then in a hole in the ground, or they are going to cremate your body.
Have you decided which, yet?
Well, here is some good news....... = JESUS is about to come and get the born again. = you may well miss your funeral.

So, what is left of you, that is not your body?, ...as that is what He's talking about that can receive a new BIRTH.

That can't be your mind, as your mind is not born.. Its developed, along with your IQ and your Character and your Honestly, and your obsessions.

That leaves just one......

Your SPIRIT, = as that is the Real you, Reader.
The "Son/Daugher" of God, is the Born again Spirit.
Your Body only contains your Spirit, and when your body dies, your spirit does not. It continues. And its going to so somewhere., and "the GRAVE" is not the final answer.

Here is the final answer..

Hell or Heaven.
Heaven or Hell.

You get to choose one of those, by being born again or by not being born again.

See..........Your body dies, and your spirit is released, and if you are not BORN AGAIN SPIRITUALLY, you will never go to Heaven.
There is NO 2nd Chance to be born again in Hell, and Hell is not a myth.
It was created for the Devil and his angels before ADAM was on this earth.
If you are not born again, then you are this.....>Jesus said....>"you are of YOUR Father, THE DEVIL".
See that? And if that is you, you will be found with your father after you die, and the Born again will be found with THEIR Heavenly Father.
That is going to happen, and you have to decide before you die, where you are going to end up.
Christ is the only WAY to heaven, so if you are trying to work your way there, then turn around, as you are going the wrong WAY.


So, do you see that the real you, that God has "reborn", is your Spirit. ?
And your born again Spirit, is 'In Christ".... "made righteous".....>"one with God"........ forever.
Your born again Spirit exists in Spiritual Union with God, and there is no sin found there, reader.

Now.....Where are your sins?
Well, Jesus said...that you will "die in them" if you are never born again.
That means you dont die in them, if you are born again,........ because Jesus has died for them already, 2000 yrs ago, on the Cross.

So, there goes your sin.

3.) Now, when you read 2 Corinthians 5:19, that says that God does not charge any sin to you, its because your Spirit is the real you, and its "One with God"........ and Jesus "became sin" for you 2000 yrs ago, so there goes your sin.
Its gone. Christ took all of it upon Himself on the Cross, died, and When He rose from the Dead, your sin didn't.

"God hath made Jesus to BE SIN FOR US". "Jesus is the ONE TIME........ETERNAL Sacrifice for SIN"..

So......In all this, you find your Salvation, and your Eternal Life, and your Sanctification.

Welcome To : Salvation.

Its a "Gift".
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