park daily worship is over due to winter

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The Learner

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Aug 21, 2022
United States
Over 30,000 have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We would teach them how to give their testimony and ask them questions related to their personality. Based on that, we would have them speak with people at the meetings of a denomination that they were most likely to grow in Christ in.

Other surprising results of the daybreak daily worship and praise meetings.

Two Strip Clubs closed due to everyone who worked at them gave their life to Jesus.
Within a two hundard mile radious several porn stores closed. The Strip Clubs are now Churches.
Many in religous cults gave their lives to the real Jesus. The four swimsult coffee drive thrus have been changed to fully clothed. Several City Councils in the area have forbidden Gambing, Weed stores, anything business porn related from opening new locations in those cities.

The daily worship and praise after working hours have continued. Last week, I had many meetings with those churches that were working with us. Several others who have not worked with us have join our group. For the purpose of building outreach, I asked those Pastors to consider teaching, preaching on Agape of God, Love towards God, Family, Fellow Christians and Neighbors.

Aside; tomorrow I am undergoing another bone diease related surgery.