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Rev 6, The four beast and their riders

Discussion in 'Christian Devotions and Inspiration' started by Collin Feener, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Collin Feener

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    If any of you have been following the teachings I've been putting in my treads, You can see that people are created from the word and how they perceive it and what it means. If you believe it in the earthly understanding it is an earthly image you receive and because you think God is that way, it is that way you are created. The problem is that man was not created from that image, to be man you have to have an image of God and God is spirit so it is the Spiritual things you need to hear and see to be created like man.
    When you see the first beast after the seal is broken, you see a white horse and his rider had a bow and a crown was given him and he went forth conquering to conquer.
    The rider is the leader of the church and this first one had the true teachings so the Christians of the church were his horse. He had a bow so it means when he was set about conquering they were shotting their bow, which means they were sending out men first with the word. The leader had a crown, this is a crown of understanding it makes them the leader of their church
    It may have been the Romans and they stopped conquering with physical but now conquered with the word of God. Even though their people were as beast, it is because with all their understanding and purity they would not feed the people the word or let them have access
    The second horse came after then seal was broken and now at this time in the church history the people of the church now taught or given an image of the word as a sword that takes away the teachings of the leaders of the church and now all over the people were given the word as a sword and they lived by that so they were spiritually killing one another . That image they received was of a sword so people were created that way.
    When this was completed the next understanding given the people caused them to be as a black horse. That image given them was in darkness. Access to the word was forbidden so the scales were to let us know the taught the word as law given sinners. They were marketing the word for money. Wheat for a penny and barly for a penny. The food of beast giving the people another earthly image to be created like. Don't hurt the oil or wine means don't tamper with the scriptures.
    The fourth seal was broken and we see an asher horse or pale horse and the teacher of that was that horseman. Those people were tried by the fires of their ministers and consumes to nothing but ashes. Death The dead leading the dead or blind leading the blind. Blind as in blind to the things of God. Killed by the word as a sword and those who hungered to know God were starved of those teachings. The word without Spiritual teaching is the death from that comes hell.
    That's the way the church started and was changed over the centuries and how the leaders were.
    Evil men or violent people never received the true understanding so they are still likened unto as beast but tamed. When the have truly repented from their wicked ways the then have the mark of that beast removed so at that time be given the image of God that causes men to be created as sons of God.