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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola
And it came to pass in the late spring of the year in Israel that a very young shepherd boy was looking for a lost sheep that had become separated from his family's flock.
And while searching near the base of Mt Tabor near lower Galilee, he found a Man kneeling and praying alone near the sea. The boy turned quickly to leave, respectfully hoping not to disturb the Man's prayer, and the man said...... Dont leave, i was waiting for you..

The boy turned again to face the Man and said... You were waiting for me? How did you know i would be here today?... And the Man said....Its because you and i are doing the same thing today.... And the boy said... what is that?.... And the Man said, smiling....we are both looking for lost sheep..

The boy said..... ah, you too have lost some sheep ?? ... And the Man said... Well, truly i tell you that many are lost and im looking for them all.
I was sent to bring them home to my Father.... And the boy said... Are your sheep hard to find also?... And the Man said... Sheep can be difficult.

The boy said... you told me you knew i would be here today.. How did you know that?
And the Man said.... Because i knew you before you knew me... And the boy said... How can that be?.... And the Man said, .. Well, you see....With me, all things are known, and all things are possible...

The boy said.... that is amazing.. Can you tell me also about my family?... And the Man said.. Yes, your mother is Ruth and your Abba is Adam, and you have one older sister whom you like to call Queen Esther because you say she always has to be the center of all the attention....
..... She loves you very much...

Upon hearing this, the boy blushed and smiled and felt suddenly that he loved this Holy Man, but didn't know why.
And then the boy said.... Can you tell me what i will be when i grow up? And The Man, still smiling stood up and opened His arms and took the little boy and hugged Him, and said.. Yes Stephen, i can tell you that you will be a mighty man of Valor, and you will be a faithful and good shepherd of The Truth, and at the end of your life you will see Me standing and coming to get you...

The little boy started to cry, and the Man continued to hug little Stephen and smile.

Acts 7:55
Acts 7:56