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The Democratic Left, Their House Of Cards Is Crumbling "Fast", Stay Tuned

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality Forum' started by Truth7t7, Jul 21, 2021 at 12:31 PM.

  1. Truth7t7

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    United States
    There is a major reversal going on, as many States 17+ are reforming and undoing the 2020 election changes, voter ID, mail in ballots, drop boxes, ballot harvesting, etc

    A completely different story is in the works unfolding, 2022 will be a completely different election, will we see a conservative majority in the House & Senate?

    The fact remains, the democrats dont have a majority in the Senate on the (Big Issues) below to maintain power

    1. Supreme Court Packing?
    2. DC, Puerto Rico, Statehood?
    3. Liberal Voting Changes To Maintain Power?
    4. Filibuster Removal?

    Democrat (Virginia) Senator "Joe Manchin" & Democrat (Arizona) Senator "Krysten Sinema" aren't voting for the progressive leftist acts, this puts the Senate at a 52/48 conservative majority on the issues

    The Democratic Commies are out in the cold on their plans to maintain power, their house of cards is crumbling "Fast", stay tuned

    I like to mention the recent federal ruling in (Texas) on how Obama's executive order creating (DACA) the dreamers immigration is (Unconstitutional)?

    Dont forget the seditious democrats in Texas waiting to be arrested upon their return, as they intentionally subverted the law in trying to stop the Bill to be voted on, that will stop (Voting Fraud)?
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