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The Slippery Beast

Discussion in 'Addiction & Recovery Forum' started by quietthinker, May 9, 2018.

  1. quietthinker

    quietthinker Well-Known Member

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    The slippery beast with many faces
    is not so easily caught
    he’s in behind the hidden things
    illusion is his art

    He’s actually not so little
    he’s bigger than Ben Hur
    in confidence and great disguise
    respect; that’s how he works

    Identify and flush him out
    ‘cause if he’s not, I’m slain
    and all my ways in groping haze
    demanding, covert, vain

    he masquerades with surety
    and goes by many names
    like, charity and humbleness
    appearances are feigned

    He even takes that holy name
    who alone deserves the glory
    and turns it on his clever self
    of ‘sanctified’ imploring

    Struggling hard he’s nailed down
    alarmingly surprised
    to find him on my territory
    the enemy is sized

    The two of us have blended well
    No earthly means can slay him
    He’s far to clever for that game
    no discipline can tame him

    From heavens courts, the message’s given
    your eyes, turn them to me
    and then your heart with sighs and tears
    a different view will see

    In need of some reflection
    in bed with me and self
    can barely tell between them
    it’s revelation’s stealth

    I’ll route that foul imposter
    I’ll pray for strength and fear
    I’ll put our Lord upon the throne
    and self refuse to hear.