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Discussion in 'Christian Finance Forum' started by [email protected], Oct 6, 2013.

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    It is very easy for any of us to be confused by the flashing scenes and editorializations that pass for media news these days. A great deal of it is false, but how do we discern the difference between propaganda and truth?

    For example, some say the Syrian crisis is a turning point in international financial standards.

    The fighting, the gas and all the rhetoric are all symptoms of a greater struggle beneath the headlines and top news items. Watch the money.

    Western finance is backed by sprawling international debt. Debt begets debt and the only solution is to seek another loan. Nations, as well as private persons, rob Peter to pay Paul. The dollar has nothing to back it up at all. If China decided to start unloading its tBonds the whole scheme would collapse.

    The petro dollar (US dollar linked to Saudi oil production by trade) is in jeopardy. Few know it, but the Ghawar oil field (largest in Saudi Arabia and the world - 170 miles by 19) is close to complete depletion. According to the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the water cut(*) has recently been measured in excess of 80%.

    In 2009, the estimated remainder of crude oil in the Ghawar was 70 billion gallons. At that time the annual extraction was about 9 billion gallons, but every year the amount has increased. In 2012 12 billion gallons of crude were produced. Do the math, dear reader......

    Watch the money.

    Eastern finance is backed by commodities. Russian natural gas, for example, NOW sustains western European homes and industry. When Mr. Putin tells Britain and France to withdraw their military from the Syrian crisis they say, "yes sir." Iranian oil fuels Chinese industry. How are these commodities, to name a few, being paid for? By US debt riddled dollars? NO. ...IN GOLD...

    In 2012 the NATO ally Turkey asked permission to buy Iranian oil. The west approved, but when PM Erdogan decided to pay for it with gold Mr. Obama became irate. (Obama is the puppet of the western financial cartel.)

    The Syrian crisis underlines a turning point in a global financial crisis. Western debt backed currency and banking is being opposed by Eastern commodity based currency. The debt crisis of 2012 in Cyprus was another example. It was engineered by the west to hurt Russian bank investments there.

    There is a silent, but far more deadly war being waged. It's all about money and whose money will be recognized in the future.

    Watch the money.

    Finally, here is a little exercise for you to try out. (Recommended by Miles Copeland - agent of the CIA in his book THE GAME PLAYER.)

    Create a spreadsheet and make an entry every week or so. In the first column write the date. In the next column leave space for a short description of some international event (the current lock down of the US government, for example). In the next several columns enter the exchange rate of the dollar against an ounce of gold, silver and international currencies. Don't forget to make room for the Ruble and the Yuan. After a few months, you'll see trends on how the value of the dollar relates to events. It's very educational.


    and that's just me, hollering from the choir loft...

    (*) water cut -
    When oil is first discovered, the underground pocket is under a certain degree of natural pressure. As it is drawn off, however, pressure falls and another method must be employed to extract the crude oil.

    The common practice is to pump water into the pocket, thus raising the pressure and forcing the crude oil to the surface. As the crude is removed more and more water must be forced into the ground to raise the pressure at the well head. The ratio of water to oil is called the water-cut and is also and indication of the remaining amount of crude oil in the natural reservoir.