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Working At A Casino

Discussion in 'Christian Theology Forum' started by Mateo1041, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Mateo1041

    Mateo1041 New Member

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    This is something that's really been on my mind since earlier this year when we moved and I was hired by a casino as a database marketing analyst. I've heard a lot of different viewpoints, primarily from Christians, and am having trouble sorting through it all.

    The environment is friendly and pretty laid back. Benefits are alright. The work is interesting. I personally enjoy playing Blackjack for fun, but have never played at a casino. I spent $5 once in Vegas just for the experience, but it was pretty boring. Overall, the place seems clean and "fair" from a functional perspective.

    I do have a pretty good understanding of the Bible and have been following a 365-day program to finally read the entire thing. I've learned a lot so far, even more than I thought I'd learn. I realize Jesus said to love God above all and your neighbor as yourself. I've seen others post random Bible passages to fit their agendas, but was hoping to gain more insight into the prevailing view that working at a casino is wrong.

    Through considerable self-examination over the past few years, I've really come to realize that my calling is to share the Gospel and help provide information to combat common misconceptions about the Bible. I've even worked off and on on a website at BibleGrow.org. It's basic right now, but I'd love to add 365-day reading programs, Q&A, Bible history, etc, all for those who do not currently believe and/or are confused about what the Bible really says. Life in general is pretty pointless without a goal, and I'd truly love to share the Bible and what it means (no denominations, please) with the world in a non-threatening and non-confusing way. That's really all that matters in life.

    Back to the point of my post, I'd appreciate hearing some genuine input on casino work. How is it different from bartending or even the insurance industry? So far, the only thing I can come up with is that you're paying for entertainment vs a particular product. There is the issue of gambling compulsively which I really do hate, but there's always the view that alcohol/caffeine is also addictive. In general, too much of anything worldly is a bad thing. You know, everything in moderation.

    Thoughts? I even ran this by three separate pastors and haven't really received a straight answer...which leads me to believe I'm either missing something obvious or one doesn't exist...in other words, it's a gray area. :-/ I realize I can Google, but I'd rather hear in depth from the masses of real people who may frequent this board.

    My conscience bothers me about this issue, but the consciences of other Christians I've spoken to have not always appeared to.

  2. timf

    timf New Member

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    Many Christians seek ways to provide themselves the comfort of rules and laws. However, the Christian is supposed to be led by the Spirit. In this we often find that we do not need to apply a specific rule to a situation where we can often apply a principle.

    In regard to gambling, if we wager money that we need for food or rent, we are showing in what we really trust. If we wager money that is lost at the same rate as other "entertainment" such as movies (for example a few bucks an hour on the nickel slots), we might not be in violation of a principle stewardship. However, if our presence is an encouragement to a weaker brother to loose his rent money, do we not also have some responsibility?

    If you owned a liquor store or a casino and made your living exploiting the weaknesses of others you might have an account to give the Lord even if such business was legal. The role of employee is a little more difficult to evaluate.

    Let's jump over the example of an employee for now and consider a situation where you owned a business selling office supplies. If someone from the casino came into your business and wanted to buy some office supplies, would you refuse? There is a principle from 1 Corinthians in which Paul says that the non-association with "willful sinners" did not apply those those in the world because otherwise a person would have to withdraw from the world altogether.

    Employment is a different situation because there is a degree of being "yolked". You may get all sorts of replies such as leave employment immediately or there is nothing wrong. However, you are feeling a little concerned about this and you should consider in what direction the Lord is leading you.

    If you take a different job, even if it is with less money, you may feel better that you and your family are not profiting from the exploitation of the weaknesses of others. There is a principle in the Bible that one man sees each day the same as the other and another man sees one day as special and that each should be convinced in his own mind. This might apply to your situation in that if you are feeling that there is something wrong in this situation, you should probably find alternative employment.

    Christians may not be judged so much for how well they kept a particular set of rules, but on how sincere their hearts were in seeking after their Lord and wanting to follow His leading.
  3. bud02

    bud02 New Member

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    I have worked in 2, one a reservation and one a state, as security, its all about Spirits good luck but their is no such thing. I don't gamble but I'm ahead on the slots.
    Has anyone seen my ball?
  4. gregg

    gregg New Member

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    1041 it's what comes out of the heart that destroys a man not where he works :rolleyes:
  5. amadeus

    amadeus Well-Known Member

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    United States
    Almost anywhere that a person works is likely to be involved directly or indirectly in exploiting others. All that a follower of Jesus can do is stay very close to God and hear what the Spirit is saying to him. When he hears then he will be able to act accordingly. Under the law, given to Moses for the natural children of Israel, there were many black and white rules as to what to do, what not to do and how to do those things that were allowed.

    We do not have such black and white rules. God is the measuring stick. To know what to do in any given situation requires us to have contact with His Spirit. Reading and Bible prayerfully and talking with the Lord regularly is the way to stay in touch with Him and to do things His Way rather than ours. The answers may be in scripture, but without His Spirit we cannot recognise the answer when we see it.
  6. Larry Conlley

    Larry Conlley New Member

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    "My conscience bothers me about this issue" I am thinking "So far so good."
  7. JohnDB

    JohnDB New Member

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    Since we are comparing careers...

    Lets look at Jesus' career before he took on the Role of his ministry.

    Jesus was a construction worker. The greek wording says that he was a construction worker and not so much a carpenter. That idiom of speech was assumed by the English translators who knew that their countrymen would misunderstand that in the neighborhood that Jesus lived everyone was a stone mason who worked in construction. In their neighborhood where they were translating the bible a stone mason was a higher class construction worker.

    Nazareth however is still a small town. At the time Jesus was growing up it was a suburb for a Roman city named Saphoris/syffirrus,,,'

    Either way you wish to spell the name it was a completely helenized town...complete with sewer, water systems, gymnasium, and theater. All of these things the Jews knew to be sinful. (as proscribed by the Rabbis)

    All of these amenities all had Greek/Roman god worship associated with each and every one of them.

    Was Jesus by extension promoting sin? Of course not.
    Neither are you.

    Sure, rules of men about harsh treatments of the body and rules about "do not touch, do not taste, don't do this, and don't do that seem to have some kind of godly wisdom about them but they are worthless for true Godliness or Holiness.
  8. Larry Conlley

    Larry Conlley New Member

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    Jesus 's conscience was not bothering him. And his is. But I give you a great big E for effort.
  9. WhiteKnuckle

    WhiteKnuckle New Member

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    I'm a gambler. I like Poker and Black Jack. Basically games of skill. I aslo am not compulsive and only gamble after everything else is taken care of. Responsibilities come first.

    Firstly, Casinos exist because people want them there. As a Black Jack player, I hate the "house", this stems from them trying to create an edge over the player in order to win more money. But, at the same time, that's what the Casino is there for, to make money. I hold nothing against the employees at all. A job is a job. They pitch and the players make bets, that's it.

    I've thought long and hard about gambling and being a Christian. I don't believe it's a sin to gamble. Why would we equate putting a couple dollars in a slot for entertainment as sin, while many Christians pump hundreds of dollars into rigged games at carnivals and state fair to win a $1.50 stuffed animal for our kids? I haven't met anyone that considers carnival games a sin. At the same time, I believe anything can become sin. Neglecting your responsibilities and gambling away rent or food or which ever, that's a sin. Moderation is key for everything.

    There's a Christian motorcycle club in town, when they have their bike runs instead of a poker run, they get marbles or something similar. What's the difference?

    I look at everything anyone invests money in with the hopes of gaining more as a gamble,, starting a business, a new job, buying stocks, investing in 401k, etc etc.

    I'm not a risk adverse person by any means, so maybe this goes along with the type of person I am.
    As someone who has struggled with alcohol, I don't blame the liquor stores, nor do I think it's a sin for them to own or work in one.
    If one person has a problem with a certain thing, it doesn't mean it's a sin for everyone. However, we do have a responsibility to help where we can.

    Casinos are required by law to offer compulsive gambling programs, and they're advertised in various places throughout the casinos. Although they love the compulsive gambler,,,,,,,,,,,

    What it all boils down to is you and your conscience. If it bothers you, that's what counts. I'm sorry I can't give you the answer you're looking for. But, it ultimately boils down to how you feel about it. If your conscience is clear stay, if it's not find something else.
  10. Mateo1041

    Mateo1041 New Member

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    Thanks everyone. I'm actually surprised by the positive replies. The depth you provided is appreciated. Perhaps my view of casinos is somehow rooted in my upbringing or surroundings. I'm not a fan of money and would go without if I could. That could be another deterrent.

    I still feel I was meant to do something else, but I'm not quite sure what. It's tough when one day I feel comfortable at work and the next I do not. I really believe my personality is good for non-profit work and that that's where I'm being led. I'd love to start my own non-profit, but feel intimidated. Please keep me in your prayers.