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being one and loving one another

By Mosheli · Apr 20, 2021 ·
  1. Allone versus Alone.

    "you will be one as we are one" (John 17:20-23).

    Although these verses seem to mean that we will be One with God/Jesus* (and will be whole), they also may mean that we will also be one with each other.

    If/when people are really One with Jesus/God (or if/when "touch" him spiritually) then they will also then all be One with each other through him (Jesus). (I.e. they are then also one with all other believers through him.) When we are One with him we see everyone as he sees them (as they/we really are (many without Jesus and also missing out being one with each other) and we intimately feel/know his love.
    (Compare also "where 2 or more are gathered in his name there he is in the midst of them".)

    Ehad "one" numerical value 13 = Ahava "love" numerical value 13.

    It is interesting that in todays world which is pursuing globalist oneness that there are so many experiencing loneliness/aloneness and so many mean cold selfish people who don't care.

    Even many christians don't seem to care/love/support/encourage. This is not right. Jesus commanded us to love one another. There is also "bear one anothers burdens". Rememeber he will say "as you did to the least of these so you did to me". We should treat others as if they/we are Jesus. But Jesus is the First Love. (Cf "the love of many will grow cold"?) We can not make our selves love others or make others love us, we need the source of love. We can't make ourselves like the Word, we can't copy/imitate/pretend, rather when we are one with him (or die and raised with him) we are like him, he does it not us/our effort. Like Abel's sacrifice was identifying with Jesus' sacrifice, like looking at the serpent on the cross, like Rahab's scarlet cord. Jesus died for us, and we should also have that same love.

    Don't wait until "heaven", don't wait for Jesus return. He can be here with/in/among us now.

    (* This is a different view to the dualistic/schizoid western one.)

    (* Not just believers here and now, but with all believers past present and future. Not just humans but also one with animals too. Though this is not meaning pantheism or monism.)


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