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A letter to the the afflicted children of God

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    Beloved I want you to know God has a special love for those who are deemed unworthy by the world cast away as trash ,that the self righteous look down the high ridges of their proud noses, we are called foolish, and we are mocked in our affliction, we are belittled and like an object of scorn a blackened sheep we are accused! Fear not God came to save that which was lost, and it is written that " God choose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and that "God choose the weak things of the world to over throw the mighty"

    God's saving grace is reserved for you, the world is perishing and we are hated by the world because we are not of the world , for the world is ruled by the evil one, and we are children of the spirit and that spirit is God's love, we are not from this world, we are in this world but we are not of this world , and we shall be vindicated and in our darkest moments of trial, we will be delivered upon the wings of the eagle, though we suffer now we are made strong and saved from the fiery condemnation that the world attempts to ensare us in, just when the enemy believes he has won we are not destroyed and we are not given over! it is for our benefit that we are strengthend in this way, as a young man's hand's before military service are soft and untrained but upon returning from duty they are callused and precise ready for any good work, in the same way we are baptised by fire and our pain and suffering strengthens us, and refines hearts,the fire destroys any impurities and what remains is gold and silver.

    Know this God will never let you suffer to the point of destruction, He will save you and comfort you,heal you, and strengthen you , He will give you milk when you are in tears and meat when you are hungery , God loves you this is God's character, not that God predestined our suffering but instead God predestined our triumph over suffering, our victory over death and our adoption in the Lord Christ Jesus, as son's and daughters of God, for we were lost in this world and we are dead in our sins, but the Father loved us still and because of His love manifest in Jesus Christ we will never be cast into the fire, I bring you a more advanced teaching not that I have not given you milk ,but that I give you some meat a more advanced teaching addreasing the question of suffering , so that you may not be dismayed thinking of God as being cruel and unkind, but so that you may understand that there is a purpose to everything,even though the darkness acts on it's own agency (within it's allotted time and place) it's plots are not devised by God, nor is evil tempted to do evil by God while at the same time all things work to the pleasure of God's good will, if we did not praise the name of the Lord the rocks would cry out all things bare witness to the light of the world, even the schemes of darkness are subject to God's glory despite working against God, darkness does not overcome, but instead has become a slave worker of righteousness, refining God's children in trial, therefor darkness is a slave worker for good, not that darkness is bound by a righteous slave master , but that darkness binds itself to itself , it is both the slave worker reluctantly fashioning righteousness and abusive master itself , and if Satan drives out Satan he is divided and a house divided cannot stand, these are the bonds by which evil is tied, in juxtaposition We that are in the light, know that all things work together for good for those who love God! ,and since darkness is a slave worker of righteousness, and all things are working together for good for those in God how much will we, the free children of the Father of lights be given of God's kingdom?the answer is all! We will be given all that the Lord Jesus Christ was given by our Father, it is by our Father that Jesus was raised in glory, and in Jesus Christ we are raised in glory , from grace to grace,and glory to glory!

    Now we groan as God's children with an eternal inheretence and infinite estate of all things that seen and unseen we are the rightful heirs of , however we must wait until the set apart time designated in the will written by our Father in heaven, who appointed guardians (angels) overseeing our inheritance, and tending to the estate we our estate is managed and we are supervised as children, until the set time of maturity in Christ receiving our inheretence in full.

    I hope that my thoughts are coherent enough and that I'm able to communicate these spirituals concepts, that highlight the tiniest sliver of the glory that awaits us, both in this life, and the life to come , and given an idea of the process of growth and maturing in God's love, looking to the Lord Jesus Christ walking in His way picking up our crosses and following Him, while staying in step with the Holy Spirit who teaches us all and comforts us ,who gives us words when we are speechless and tounge tied, and praying to and thanking our Father everyday for the Lord Jesus Christ having a blossoming relationship with God our Father as His children. we have been delivered to God in heaven by the Lord Jesus Christ and to our hearts he has descended and dwells within us as our Father and in his presence our spirits cry out Abba!

    Our Father is healing His broken family and the war wages on, though Satan was cut down and rendered defeated on the cross by God , the children of God had just begun the fight ,on the cross God defeated Satan and through our lives Satan is defeated perpetually, we dance as Satan accuses ,we laugh as Satan disgusts, and we will one day sing "O death where is thy sting? ,God is restorimg the true order, we who are in the partial wearily look toward the future, the pains of the earth will unnerve the many, do not be afraid fear is what controls and devours those who are perishing, perfect love casts out fear, God is not unstable ! we cannot in the Spirit of truth alone see God both as a Father and as a judge , if God is your Father through Jesus Christ and you see Him in love, you are a child of God with confidence! Knowing you will not be judged according to your sins ! But if you hate God and the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and you see God as a judge it is because you are being judged indeed , sin condemns sin! darkness enslaves darkness , Do not fear your salvation, if you have ever called upon the Lord Jesus Christ, even just once in the spirit of truth you are saved