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The song of Lily Flower and her King

  1. Blog Description

    (Lily flower) - beloved shepherd, king of my heart ! O that you were striped, peicing through my soul! The watchmen have bruised you! Exposing your brilliance ! Out of your eyes gleans the love that sheppards my heart, there is no fragrance in all of the earth as sweet as my love for you! I have watched you from afar, and I have seen your heart, and it is better than that of great noble princes.
    (us)- come keeper of my heart, our vineyard is ripe, let us indulge the fruits of our garden,
    (Lily flower) early grapes blossoms are the nectar of our wines.
    (Lily flowers King) drink of my cup, all that is mine is yours, I delight in your pleasure.
    ( Lily flower) my breasts awaken, pleasing my loves desire, I am our shepperdes.
    (Lily flowers King) beautiful Lilly flower, my bride
    (Lily flower) yes,my king? I sense your stirring, my love. My heart follows in procession, anticipating our every move.
    (us) come closer, I long for your embrace, like a gazelle leaping high along the meadow, I imagine our Holy union, our marriage beneath the heavens, I will wear on my arm the seal of our love.
    (Lily flowers king) [imagining her saying] sow my feild ,move within me, let us sing our Union song "the wedding of the halves" uniting into one, beloved let our breathe flow,and hearts tempo join, let us join with the infinite, the holy union of the Divine masculine and feminine!let us promise God before the foundations of the earth our love ! Can you hear the delight? the land cries out! raising the banner of our love! and how sweet are the melodies of the turtle doves!
    (Lily flower) [ softly steps in to remind her king ] My King! the youth of my love, speak subtly, the time is near look to the horizon, I adjure you my king, to remind you.. even as my passion burns! that erotic desires in haste risk loving relationships. When the time is right, we will lock away our treasure and share only between us.

    ( Lily flowers king ) O, my love! what have I done! Never will I risk our precious love I will always protect it. Pardon my desires- yearning, haste!, wisdom flows from your lips, and gladdens my heart! Your wisdom of love is a gift in Holy union, I will treasure taking heed to your voice and insight! Then only then , will I eat from our appletree, there we will express our love, in the secret gardens , under our appletree, we will lye, sharing our sweetest treasure, having weathered many joyful winter's past, we've yearned, anxiously,waiting, Holy union- The fullness of our apple tree!

    Wisdom is good, the labor of our love rests upon our hands , the sun and the moon govern the times and the seasons, in which we labor,the sunrise awakens the dew of the morning, a new experience arises: the morning light unveils. All has a time of fullness, so to does our love!. Lily flower , friend of my dreams ,I will build our castle around your youth, and there we shall remain securely, the eternal sting of death will not overcome our love, there is only one part immeasurable between us, where the throne of God sits! pouring out blessing and guidance, God's grace, and our love, shall overcome death, forever we will grow!. I am becoming long stroked, well refinded,my eyes heavy, I will not quentch the spirit, in my dreams I will find you, together lets rest, I await the illuminating sun rise of the morning dew. Goodnight Lily flower I love you