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My letter and labor of love returning every lost child of God

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    I wrote this for a mixed audience however I thought that you all may benefit and enjoy God bless brothers and sisters :)


    this is a Christ centered letter & prayer, a relief effort to comfort the suffering and those that are feeling hopeless, and abused, alone and misunderstood, ugly and fat, worthless and used.Those who can find no shelter from the storm, and are evicted from their bodies, they groan carrying their hearts over their shoulders wandering homeless in the echoing theaters of their minds, searching for anything, yes even just one reason that makes life worth living.

    I WARN you that I love these people and the perepetually offended will not stop me from reaching out towards the ones that society exiled, and social justice failed! The casualties of society are my true family!

    Beloved brothers and sisters that are suffering, i hope you hear me as I testify to you that the Lord Jesus has reckless, enduring, love of those that the world disposed of adjudged as lost, the ones afflicted by the verdict, you are the suffering children of God and will never be destroyed! Christ can and will Save you, no matter how lost, twisted, and confused no matter how much guilt and shame, or self hatered and pain that consumes you! tormented by the evil sufferings that rendered your inner child hopeless..

    I say unequivocally, you have been judged in the courts of liars! Jesus Christ rejects the worlds verdict, in the court of the Lord you are forgiven! And not guilty in the world, you have been shamed by lies! its the trauama we've endured that act's foolishly , Its the worldly courts that judge us falsely, and both the judicial courts and social courts sentence with heavy penalties, yokes that they would never put on themselves! The shameful memories that you dread are not your fault! nor is the shane yours! And it is the pain that anchors the chains of shame , let the ones who shame you be shamed!

    For the Lord despises the shame , you're not ugly, you're not worthless, you are very special and cherished, every hair on your head has been counted, and none of your sufferings have been forgotten by God and the Lord's heart roars like a lion for the children of God! I know that you do not revel in the suffering of others, even those that caused you this unspeakable pain, because your hearts are pure, and I am a brother but my heart roars like a lion with the Lord's and so I say this next part from my own anger and justice, this is not for you , beautiful suffering children of God and you can skip this part or read the next paragraph where I am harshly warning the evil ones of impending wrath, for the suffering that they inflct, so that perhaps a few of you may be spared the afflictions of a shattered heart ..

    I want to warn you who devise evil plans against the children of God , don't think for a second your judgement of who the childern of God are, and who are not ,means anything at all!, for all of us are God's creation and every hair on every head is counted! and don't even begin to blame God for your unspeakable evils that you delight in! Thinking that you might minimalize your evil by exaggerating and mocking God's definition of sin! Let me make this clear, you have no excuse to go on harming others, sexually or physically!, your wanton evil rises to the heavenly places, and unlike those in the family of God you enjoy your evil, you enjoy hurting others, you bragg and boast in your evil , as your victims hang their heads in shame! and their inner child crys like a lamb being slaughtered!!

    Our Father in Heaven hears our hearts when we cry, and pray that you don't meet Him in judgement! evil one you are without excuse! Repent and turn to the Lord so that you might be saved! the unrepentent evil ones that commited their abominable offenses against the precious lambs of God, I say this not Lord , but I am within the Spirit and my heart does not disagree! Therefore I say, your evil offenses will not be forgotten until they return and personally glorify all the shattered peices of God's children hearts, you will kiss the children's feet that you caused to stumble in utter despair! and you will glorify the children of God and nash your teeth repaying with tax every shame you caused God's children to suffer, and every subsequent trauma God's children endured! If you tormented one of God's little ones to the point of self harm or suicide...

    I say, woe to the murderous one who's hands are stained by the precious blood of God lambs!

    . ............

    Beloved children of God you are the treasured crown of the Lord! All that you've suffered will be returned to you 100 fold in glory, on the day of the Lord, the day that the children of God are raised up, in perfect bodies, for all the world to see! Raised up by the Lord Jesus Christ and glorified , the shame that the world gave to you, will be returned to the world! You will know suffering no more!

    At the end of this letter i would like to share a prayer i wrote while suffering my own afflictions and I hope it may give you strength and fills your with the steadfast love of the only eternal God the kind Father of lights, and gentle loving Father of all the little children, the Lord of salvation, and the Light of the world that has a heart of a Lion roaring out the Word of God, forming a double edged Sword that is sharper than the finest edge of a razor blade, piercing through and seperating bone from flesh and Spirit from body! The Lord God's strength and love be with you, healing your pain, calming your doubts, working within your hearts an enduring peace.

    You are the rightful heirs of God's estate as sons and daughters in Christ, and your beautiful hearts desires will be given to you, and more than you will ever know!

    . Often in the high places where there are many decietful men with forked tounges that rule with deceit and iron fists, robbing their slave waged bottom line, make their way up the company ladder, to the top floor where the excutives sit looking down on the city they congratulate the new seat at their round table, exclaiming to the new exec, with a friendly pat on the back, 'well done,dear boy have a cigar, you've made it to the top! and the world is yours for the taking"

    The things I speak of and write I do so because I love you, what I tell you is true, spoken by a pure conscience, I labor so that you may have peace, and comfort, so that all who listen might know the light of the world- the hope of the broken hearted- and Savior of all who repent -the Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father in Love He fashioned you together, through His Son Jesus Christ as beautiful pieces of the immeasurable, sons and daughters of God, the Lord was singing over our souls in delight upon meeting His brothers and sisters, and to this day the Lord is singing our songs, I know one day that we will all hear our songs together, we are predestined for glory!

    In the shame that I wear now, I write to you nearly homeless , and penniless, on an old cell phone, and I wouldn't want it any other way, I am spiritually lead, and spiritually fed.

    And this is my testimony -

    My beloved brothers and sisters all everything that is seen and unseen, belongs to us! and our enemies will be our footstool! We are a royal peoole, that darkness fears because It does not comprehend the light, and the ones with evil hearts who have committed unspeakable evils against us, have gave themselves over to darkness, running away from the light, they were not born of the Spirit they were fashioned from the earth as Adam.. they have the same choice and freewill as all of us do, but we run towards the light add they run from the light like cowards because their deeds are evil and they dont want them to be seen!

    All of us children of God are born of the Sprit and the Lord will return us all to our Father in Heaven, only one has been lost, and he is the one that rules this world in darkness,' the man behind the curtain' his name is Satan and His time of destruction is nearing, and on the day of the Lord, we will look upon satans frail stature in disbelief saying ," this is the man by which many were overcome?

    When all of the children of God born of the Spirit have been returned to God through faith in Jesus Christ then He will return, and so now you see why I labor, I hope my words reach your hearts, sincerely I care for you, and I love you, I know what I write is true because I've witnessed, but " blessed is the one that hasn't seen and believes " our Father overflows with joy upon a childs faithful return through our Lord Jesus Christ, and just as soon as the child is returned, The Lord goes back out, working our hearts, subtly shaping our lives so that we turn towards Him in faith. The Lord appoints His laborer's that work with Him to bring the children home, and heal the broken family once and for all! God bless you brothers and sisters, I'll be pleased to see you in the time to come in paradise together in union whole once again.