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  1. Blog Description

    Prayoems written by Judy Hicks, Founder of The Peace Movement.

    Judy was my personal mentor and brought me to a deeper relationship with God and a profound peace in my life. I cannot fully express in words how she has helped me in my daily walk with Christ but I intend to share it with as many as I can.

    I will be posting her Prayoems periodically in this blog. I have full permission from Judy to share her works on this forum. I truly hope they reach those who need this guidance and understanding. I will not be posting links to her websites or other outlets as this does not coincide with her intentions.

    Prayoems is a registered trademark owned by Judy Hicks

    Judy Hicks
    Founder and God’s Scribe of over 1000 poetic stories known as Prayoems. The evolution of these life transforming stories began as a personal journey of discovery and has morphed into The Peace Movement. The Movement is a progressive, intimately personal process designed to guide the reader away from man’s way of thinking and being, toward intimately knowing God’s generous grace and love.
    In 2011, shortly after the passing of her mother, Judy hungered for the answers to a dream and vision she held in her heart for more than four decades. Her life-long study of psychology, philosophy, various religions, leadership training, educational system and stress management seminars along with her extensive training in thought patterns, communication processes and personality structures gave Judy a clear understanding of what God was not! She knew that there must be more to life than this mere existence and she determined to find the answers to her prayers in the presence of God. As Judy sought to abide with God, she soon began hearing these stories and penned them as quickly as she could type. Through this hearing, writing and reflecting process, The Peace Movement was birthed and her life was transformed.

    Art by Ilsa Kleyn