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Here I Am - Use Me

By destiny48 · Feb 11, 2019 · ·
  1. For Your life to be seen through me,
    I’m desperate to know more of You.
    As I continue to surrender;
    Do what You desire to do.

    Let the fragrance that comes from my life,
    Flow from what You’re doing this day.
    As I continue to discover the truth -
    And I learn to walk more in Your way.

    Identifying those things of my will -
    And allowing Your work to be done.
    So that as I live out this life -
    Your will and my will - become one.

    And then I’ll walk in the fruit that does last -
    Reflecting You - not the things of the past.
    The purpose You spoke at the start -
    Yes, that’s how I want my heart.

    As I stand before You this day -
    Take all of me and have Your way.
    Transform my mind and change my heart -
    Then order my steps as I do my part -
    In Your Kingdom.
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  1. I'mBlessed
    Wow, this is such a beautiful poem! Did you write this?
    1. destiny48
      Thank you for asking. This was written by Judy Hicks. She has written over 1000 poems/prayers which she calls Prayoems. She was my mentor and I just love her so much so I am sharing (with her permission of course).
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