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By bbyrd009 · Jun 12, 2019 · Updated Jun 12, 2019 ·
  1. So, we get done filling the pressure washer with gas, when alla sudden i go over and put the oars in their slots rather than just crank the pw like the boss is expecting. He looks at me as if i'm insane, and i wonder, too.

    Then i see the oil by where the slots are, and remember that the pw sucks oil like a Captailist on crank, man, i mean it puts a Ford to shame, i tell ya what. Burns a quart a day. Ok just like a Ford, whatever.

    And i'm not talkin a honker or anything, basically a glorified car washer, pretty much still new. We check the level and there's nothin on the stick :)
    Dont be afraid to obey your inner self, and you-know-what they think. And i think when something like that happens and you cant figure out why? it's bc you aren't looking prolly


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