Spiritual Encounters:

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Prayer Cover:

One time when both my parents were alive, I went to see them as they were living in units (apartments) reserved for veterans. As I was walking down toward their apartment, I happened to note that the Spirit of Death was hanging around and looking into their windows. I just saw this spirit in a visionary flash. This happened one sunny afternoon which I thought was unusual because to my limited understanding, they were not seen in broad daylight.

I immediately prayed that God send his angels to protect my parents, their property and pled the blood of Jesus over them.

There were two sets of semi attached units on this property which was managed by the local Returned Service Association and 4 units all together.

After visiting them for awhile, I went home. Still a bit concerned about that encounter. (Never told my parents) The next morning, my mom rang to tell me that the resident in the other unit (attached to theirs) had passed away in the night.

This bought me to carefully consider what had transpired that day and I realised that perhaps, I should have prayed for all the residents instead of just my parents. I'm not sure how that would have worked out but I am aware now and endeavour to pray for everyone around the neighbourhood, when I spot this spirit.

As I understand, in my limited knowledge which is revealed only by revelation from the Holy Spirit - The Spirit of Death is like a drawn sword. When it goes out, it will not leave until it achieves it's purpose.

Blessings and Peace!

Angelina 1/07/23


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