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  1. G

    Re: overcoming the carnal world

    Hi there, So I have come to the point, where I have control of my desire, again. I had a relationship with someone in the world, and was lured to disregard my crown (which the Lord gave me). The person I was with, wanted to make it (the crown) something I did not respect. But I learned through...
  2. G

    Eden was established, by a pattern of Creation and Destruction. Thoughts?

    Hi there, So I have arrived at the idea, that God established Eden as He said, Creating and Calling "Good", then allowing Change and Restarting. What I wanted to point out, is that this is a pattern. It is a pattern on the basis of the idea, that God kept moving through the Creation of Days...
  3. G

    Assuming "Others are right, for their own reasons" is a blessed moral stance. Discuss.

    Hi there, So in addition to what I call the Silver Line that as a rule "partially right, most of the time" is moral, the Diamond Point, is that assuming "Others are right, for their own reasons" is a blessed moral stance. The effectiveness of it, comes down to interpreting good and bad, from...
  4. G

    The Holy Spirit can cover you, extend your righteousness, limit judgment of you.

    Hi there! So I have been growing in faith, as I continue to commit to the good life, for God's sake and I have learnt to interpret the work of the Holy Spirit as strength, understanding and meaning (all of which I want to share). The lessons I have learned are very important, because they add...
  5. G

    I never understood the phrase "Jesus is God", until now: "Jesus is God Crucified". Praise the Holy Spirit!

    Hi there, So I have never really understood the phrase "Jesus is God"; I knew for example that Jesus humbled Himself, even when He could have claimed He was God - but I thought to myself "If He doesn't want to be known, as God, how can He be God?" You can see that I would be in a fix, if I...
  6. G

    When the Devil doesn't know, which way you'll go: you become the first enemy (selah). Discuss.

    Hi there, So this is a simple bit of wisdom, that I just want to tease apart a little, and see what it means: The Lord struggled with this, always telling people not to talk about Him, asking His Disciples to wait for His resurrection before they told people about what they had seen (from...
  7. GodJesusAndChocolate

    Hello! =] ^-^

    Hello! I am GodJesusAndChocolate! I am new here! Nice to meet all of you! :):):):woohoo!::woohoo!::woohoo!::woohoo!::kiaora::kiaora::kiaora::kiaora:
  8. G

    Don't just crucify your sin, crucify your faith!

    Hi there, So yes I have been dwelling on how to increase my faith, what to believe, how to believe it: what I have come up with, is that taking up the cross, is about more than just sin and the confession of it. What I have come up with, is that faith itself, needs to face the cross. Jesus went...
  9. G

    Priestliness is the servant, but Prophecy is the master (selah)

    Hi there, So I heard a great quote from RC Sproul "if the Church is busy about being priestly, the world will listen when the Church is prophetic" (paraphrase) I find there is a lot of truth in this statement. The Holy Spirit inspires me to take it further, though: priestliness is the servant...
  10. G

    Can God not save souls, before, during and after the Tribulation?

    Hi there! Just a simple thought for you: can God not save souls, before, during and after the Tribulation? My reasoning is simple, God did not create Creation, just to destroy it (but to transition it, from unbelief to faith); therefore, there will be times when Creation experiences...
  11. G

    If you have given up salvation, press on for redemption

    Hi there, So I have had a very easy light life, born to a rich family, given a good education, everything supplied. However, I never understood what kind of relationship I had with God. I had in a sense given up on salvation, not because I hated it, but because I wanted something more. This...
  12. G

    A strong soul, is more important, than a more powerful evolution (selah)

    Hi there, So this is a simple thought, but when you consider its implications, it has lifelong significance: This is David and Goliath stuff, right? I mean who would think that a soul, could overcome a powerful evolution? But that's the fact, as the Holy Spirit, revealed to us. The soul is...
  13. G

    A mature Christian, makes work a priority (selah). Discuss.

    Hi there, So there is a simple point here, that I think people have tried to nail for some time, but which is expressly easier to interpret with the help of the Holy Spirit. We are not saved by works, but once maturity is reached, the decision to make "works" a 'priority' is foreknown...
  14. G

    If Philosophy gave an a priori roadmap, to scientific discovery: would Science heed it?

    Hi there, So it has dawned on me, that maybe there is something that Philosophy has to offer "Science". Science defines a method of falsifiability (according to Karl Popper), whereby hypothesis are entertained, tested and verified. The point I would make, is that if you know what manner of...
  15. G

    Unknowns, are better for science, than repetitions of what is assumed to be known (selah)

    Hi there, So there is a philosophical problem, with Scientism. That problem, is the value Scientism gives that which it starts out with. Science starts with unknowns. Scientism, takes those unknowns and equivocates that all unknowns have the same fundamental value. That value is antecedent...
  16. G

    Scripture says "in His Name, the Gentiles will trust" - what will 'Evolutionist Gentiles' trust in Jesus?

    Hi there, So "Evolution" has become a sort of black box to me - I don't really know what to say to something that is essentially an unpredictable double pendulum; it neither recognises male and female, nor does it predict survivability, for example. But I started to draw on scripture and think...
  17. G

    Corn silk, is fantastic for restoring damaged connections in the mind

    Hi there, So I have schizophrenia, and I discovered something that helps restore damaged connections in the mind: corn silk. Corn silk is the long hair-like substance that grows between the corn sheath and the corn cob. Whatever its composition is, it has a miraculous effect on tissue damaged...
  18. G

    As a rule, "partially right, most of the time" is moral.

    Hi there, So I wanted to present a model for morality that is different from utilitarianism and deontology. That model is simply: Gottservant said: Essentially, it builds on an experience of trying to be moral. It does not need specific instructions or specific consequences, but adapts...
  19. G

    It's not wrong to be in the garden of Eden, if you don't know why you are there (selah)

    Hi there, So here is a truth, that I think helps keep a fresh mindset. We know about the Garden of Eden and how the Devil was in its midst; further to that, the temptation is to think that the Devil was somehow seeking to get control over man, by bringing him into subjection to sin. In other...
  20. G

    The falling away (of the Church), is far slower,, than men expect (selah)

    Hi there, So I worked this out for myself, but I thought I had better share it - and stay in the right spirit, than be alone in my interpretation of where the Church stands. Essentially, people become aware that the falling away is happening, but they can't draw conclusion from that, that it...