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  1. G

    Why does God allow suffering? Because if you have faith: there is no suffering, that He can't suffer *with* you (pained?)

    Hi there, So it really is a simple truth: when we have faith, God suffers with us (selah). In other words, when we have little faith, God divides our suffering with Him. There is no point, in which God does not suffer while we do, except when the suffering is of the Devil - in that case God...
  2. G

    Lucifer is herding people to the Cross, without Jesus - will you fight with those around you? (mean?)

    Hi there, So in Revelation it is said that Satan will be let out of the pit, for a little while, to gather the nations to war. But the History of Lucifer is not mentioned. My belief is that Lucifer has already been locked up in the pit 300 AD and has from 1800 AD been released to push the...
  3. G

    To serve the World, your tone must be most of the deciding factor (sound?)

    Hi there, So much like the silver line ("partially right, most of the time, is moral") the idea behind having the right tone, is something that can help us maintain a moral life with others. If we have the wrong tone, it is likely that we will forget the expectations of others and we ourselves...
  4. G

    God's design is so complicated, it prevents you from knowing it all (lost?)

    Hi there, So look, I've thought long and hard about all the systems that play a part in the body of a creature designed by God and the conclusion I have reached: is that it is impossible, to know it all. There are just so many systems integrated into one another, that no one system explains...
  5. Behold

    SALVATION : How long does it take?

    Reader, Salvation, takes just as long as God needs to cause you to be BORN AGAIN. As being BORN AGAIN, is the ONLY proof..... that you, me, us... = have received God's Salvation. Q.) What does God have to do, to make your Salvation happen? 1.) He has to accept your Faith in Christ. 2.) He...
  6. G

    God has given me a streak of genius, I cannot hold His Praise back!

    Yes, indeed, God has given me a streak of genius, there is no way in Heaven or Hell, that I could hold His Praise back! I am not better than other people, nor do I have a mean streak, I am simply gifted with a measure of genius, that I treasure like gold - because it is from the Lord! We all...
  7. G

    How good is a fragment of the Law? Do we justify ourselves more? (true?)

    Hi there, So I just want to introduce a concept, that relates to the Law. The concept is this: if we cannot be condemned without the Law, because we are ignorant of its direction, can we be condemned on the basis of a fragment of that law? The answer is "only by a fragment". Now this is...
  8. G

    I am awful at saving money, please pray for me (slowly?)

    Hi there, So I know the verse "if you are not faithful in unrighteous mammon, who will trust you with the true riches?" but I am awful at living it out! Please pray that I learn to save? I think I really should be setting money aside, but discipline to do so is really hard. The point is that...
  9. G

    As will be lesser faith, over a longer period of time, God will be greatly pleased (focusing?)

    Hi there, So I just wanted to set out a doctrinal issue, that some of you may have thought about and others not. Basically, I don't have the faith that Christians have. I am not saying their faith is wrong, I am saying "their faith is a greater expression, of God, than anything I have". I have...
  10. G

    I took my medication, and had a perfectly natural desire to vomit them up (pity?)

    Hi there, So I am writing this just to process what I am going through mentally, right now, as well as be a beacon to those that struggle with a similar issue (a medication issue). I have been taking my meds consistently for months, even years, gradually getting better and better with or...
  11. G

    I saw a partial vision, of the Spirit of God's Wisdom, swirling above me (worship?)

    Hi there, So, I just had the partial vision of the Spirit of God's Wisdom, swirling above me (like an aura borealis, but one colour) - and I just had to share! I wonder where the Spirit will lead? Yours truly, Chris
  12. G

    It's possible to get a second wind, while fasting - you are able to enjoy the benefits of fasting, long before you are finished (fasting?)

    Hi there, So I did a little stint, where I tried to fast and found I could only stand it, for about three days. Then I discovered I could fast much longer, if I just allowed myself to have a little amount of sustenance on the side. Then I realised I was addicted to junk food and that I would...
  13. G

    Premarital sex, resulted in a life handed over to the cruel one (Proverbs 5:9) - now I can't escape? (help?)

    Hi there, So to be frank, I had pre-marital sex and developed a sexual dysfunction (constant desire). My relationship with the person in question, is nowhere. I now don't trust myself and feel very weak about things I should be strong about (the importance of a healthy relationship, God having...
  14. G

    Here's another likeable thread: what is it, that you want the Holy Spirit to take from Christ and give to you the most? (thinking?)

    Hi there, So this is really going to inspire me, I'm sure of it: what is it, that you want for the Holy Spirit to take from Christ and give to you, the most? It could be anything; I don't want to prejudice the answers here - but I know there will be hot and cold answers (hopefully more cold)...
  15. G

    I said, "Father! You be the One to define yourself!" and God started to relate to me! Praise God!

    Hi there, So there has been a bug bear in my mind, for some time: how do you define God? What about God do you share with the world? The answer to those questions is a bit of a trick, because even though there are many answers (from many people, actually), the truth is God can define Himself...
  16. G

    The Spirit renews the Spirit, how is this possible? (reading scripture?)

    Hi there, So there is a simple concept that you can bring in to play, in your walk with the Lord: the Spirit renews the Spirit, by reading scripture. This is renewal, not revival. Revival comes when we have imparted scripture to others in a sufficient way. The point is, we should be reading the...
  17. G

    Living under your parents, at home, should be about binding the strongman (ready to fly the coup?)

    Hi there, So Jesus said "no-one plunders the strong man's things, when he is at peace in his house; but first you must bind the strongman and then you can plunder his things" (gospels, from memory). The question is: when do you do this? In one sense, you do this when you come to faith. You...
  18. G

    "To the weak I became as weak", or how to lose control of how you are perceived - that some might be saved?

    Hi there, I Corinthians 9:22 "To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some." This agrees with the idea that Jesus was made sin, that we might become the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21). When we see...
  19. G

    Destroy the old world! Establish the new, with the words of Jesus! (daring?)

    Hi there, So basically, we need to be proclaiming. "Proclaiming what?" you ask. Proclaiming the old world dead, proclaiming the new world, alive in Jesus! The Holy Spirit will speak up for us, as long as we are proclaiming God's Word. Jesus escaped the old world, and without Him it can do...
  20. G

    We need to be on the front foot, the Devil wants to snare the nations, by provoking their world (angry?)

    Hi there, So I have been watching the Lord, looking to the Heavens and resisting the Devil (as best I can), and I have begun to perceive a pattern in the Devil's attacks. The Devil has made the nations of the world his focus, and wishes to bring them into a snare (that they are not for God)...