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  1. Behold

    How to teach : Salvation #2

    - Let me show you a Mystery. A disciple, is a follower of Jesus. And you can be that one, and not be born again and on your way to Hell. Dont Believe in Hell? Well, thousands went there today and tomorrow and yesterday, and now they believe in it. Remember that... A Christian, is not a...
  2. G

    If they tell you that you will never get well, hand them over to the Devil permanently - that they learn not to persecute your mental health

    Hi there, So yes, to be plain, there is a way for a psychiatrist to keep you scrambling for self defence: use conceit. What is the conceit that they use? For starters, that they are the psychiatrist, not you; secondly, that there is no reason for them to change their diagnosis, if what you do...
  3. G

    Each successive Heaven, is more by faith than the last (selah)

    Hi there, So yes, just thinking about Heaven and falling back on Paul's suggestion that it is possible for someone to be caught up to the third Heaven, it behooves us to think on how the Heavens work. Something that is fairly self-evident, is that each successive Heaven, is more by faith than...
  4. MatthewG

    Bible Scripture Studies

    Hello to you, Disclaimer - I can always be wrong on anything you may read. Yesterday, decided to look up some of the scriptures that deal with the Spirit of Christ, which has been talked about all the way back start in the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament, and even in Ephesians which was a...
  5. G

    How to respond to the idea, that Christ is being slowed down, by a believer? Like how would you respond to the guilt, that your work is unfinished?

    Hi there, So something you may not know about me, but I have a habit of mulling questions of the faith, over in my mind. I basically do a stress test "do I believe enough?" "how would I express that faith differently?" I want a tight, easy to grasp relationship with God, with Jesus. But I was...
  6. G

    If you know that you are not going to commit a particular sin any more, you can move on to works that justify your innocence in that regard (selah)

    Hi there! So as Jesus said "Wisdom is justified by her children" and there is the child who is faithful and the child who is diligent. Now having been faithful, there is always the temptation to sin and sin gets in the way of diligence, but if you have acknowledged your conscience that what you...
  7. G

    Physical addiction: two metaphors about proper physical conduct (as concerns desire).

    Hi there! So after a little discussion with the staff at this site, it has been decided that if I can keep the dialogue clean, instruction in self-care (physically) is permissible. Now I can't tell you in detail, how it is that you should care for yourself, but I can point out wisdom, that...
  8. G

    Prayer against lawlessness (our times need it)

    Hi there, So I am concerned about developments in the spiritual world. The Devil is preparing to ensnare men to the pit, and they don't have faith. The Devil wants to be condemned with men, but without faith. The faith is the crucial thing, because without it the spirit dies. Jesus foretold...
  9. G

    Before anything went wrong, the Devil filled with rage - in our time, this rage stops (selah)

    Hi there, For some reason this message was deleted. I will just summarize. There are a number of beginnings in the Bible, and while all have their place, one in particular concerns our time. Though not overtly about the beginning of the Devil, Isaiah does talk about the Devil being beautiful...
  10. G

    Just a thought: how will Saint Nick (Father Christmas) do, at the Great White Throne Judgment?

    Hi there, I know I am stirring the pot a little here, but as believers we all have to give account of our works: I am of course referring to Revelation. My personal opinion, is that he will do quite well. He didn't just give gifts, but he set a trend of generosity and one that is albeit in...
  11. Keturah

    TRUTH.......the WORD !

    Since joining here I have been told by some members that, I DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH, and that I DO NOT LOVE THE TRUTH! May God's Holy Spirit rebuke those whom have spoken such heresy. My heart dwells on God continually, I live and feast @ his Hoy Writ. John 1:1-2 In the beginning was the WORD...
  12. G

    In Heaven we can't tell what our sin was, even if we wanted to (and that's the way we liked it)

    Hi there! So there are plenty of people in this world, who have sinned to the point, that they would rather be in Heaven, but they don't know why - that's what preachers with a word of knowledge from the Lord are for! They (these people) honestly would die for someone to make clear what the sin...
  13. G

    The Day of the Lord, perfects the teaching and remembrance of the Holy Spirit (selah)

    Hi! Wow! So I couldn't hold on to this without sharing, because it completely fired me up in the Spirit: We should be ready to stand, for the Lord, no matter how He requites our focus and attention. There is nothing we can focus on in this life, for which the Lord will not have an answer...
  14. G

    The dolphin sleeps with half its brain, at a time. Q: What is it thinking is Evolution, when its been asleep two different ways? (Discuss.)

    Hi there, So yes I got an absolute pearler of a question, for you: I mean there has to be a focus, right? If all a dolphin is is 'evolved', then its evolution is going to vary depending on which half has been asleep, in which way? There is no denying this makes sense, dolphins have a brain as...
  15. G

    Pray for the elect, the fold of Israel and the faith throughout the Earth (peace)

    Hi there, So there are three things we need to pray for, as we head into the tribulation: the elect (both in Heaven and in Hell), the fold of Israel (particularly "word" for Israel) and faith throughout the Earth (that the world might be saved). The Lord is coming quickly, we must be ready. If...
  16. G

    The shield of faith, is needed for the spear of a tongue, that proceeds from the mouth of the man of sin (selah)

    Hi there, So just to make clear, the difference between the man of sin and the Lord: a sword proceeds from the mouth of the Lord, but a spear proceeds from the mouth of the man of sin. What does this spear do? The spear has three effects: doubt, that we doubt our salvation; unrest, that we not...
  17. G

    Just a word of advice: schizophrenia is much more manageable, if you aim less at change and more at consistency

    Hi there, So yes, I have schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a capitulation of the nervous system, to a state more progressed than is normal. In other words, while most people believe ABC, the schizophrenic believes BCD. This is not a mistake, but a way of utilizing the adaptability of the brain...
  18. GodJesusAndChocolate

    Fellowship And Chat ^-^ =3 =]

    Hello! Here we can just Fellowship together and chat with each other and say what's on our mind! ^-^ =3 :):):):):coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::coff:coff:coff:coff
  19. G

    Jesus was newer, at the resurrection, but newer again was promised (selah)

    Hi there, So there is just a question of parity, that I have come across, in my study of the Word. That when we believe, we do not immediately grasp the power, of the Word of God, that is coming to Jesus. Jesus is receiving power on Earth, and all the more power in Heaven, in as much as Hell...
  20. MatthewG

    Do you believe building on spiritual foundations found on and in Christ are beneficial to you in the afterlife?

    Have you read these scriptures before by Paul writing to the Galatians? Galatians 6:7-9 7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the...