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  1. Misty Williams

    How do keep our joy (even when we're going through hard times)

    Hello all! I hope this day finds you well and joyful! This week’s message (YouTube/ Spotify/ iTunes) answers the question, “How Do I Keep My Joy?”j The real question here is, how do I keep my joy when I don’t feel like it or when I’m not in joyful circumstances! Remember, joy doesn’t mean...
  2. Mosheli

    how can I love the lord & have faith when

    I find it very hard to love God and to have faith that he will answer prayers and fix the really bad things. Some of the major big reasons I have been finding it hard to love and have faith include: How can I love him and have faith - When he keeps allowing me to suffer the ringing sound from...
  3. marksman


    Let's face it the book of Acts is an exciting and interesting book to read and understand. It seems to be a blueprint of what to expect if you are a full-on believer in Jesus and the sort of thing the believers had to go through to preach the gospel and establish the church. According to the...
  4. Prayer Warrior

    Does God have a purpose in suffering?

    Some Christians believe that God uses suffering to accomplish His own good purposes.... Some believe that suffering is from the devil, and it's not God's will for Christians to suffer. What does the Bible say about suffering? And what do you believe?