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A dear friend , Toni

Discussion in 'Memorials' started by Rita, May 5, 2021.

  1. Rita

    Rita Well-Known Member Staff Member

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    United Kingdom
    I realise Toni wasn’t a member here and is unknown to all of you. However she was a dear friend of mine from ‘ across the pond ‘. I have just found out she has passed away.
    I met here when I was going through my divorce, desperately in need of finding a group of people who would understand the roller coaster ride I was on emotionally. I discovered ‘ Picket fences divorce recovery group ‘ I was the only member from the U.K. We all share openly and honestly. Eventually a small group of us, including Toni, formed the ministry team and came alongside others ( all Christian ) who were going through the breakdown of their marriages. The group ran its course and folded about 5years ago, but we all remained friends. When you share painful experiences with others they just hold a special place in your heart. She was such a lovely Christian Lady who had a true heart for the Lord.
    I feel heartbroken this afternoon, lost a true friend x