A spiritual view of the Christmas tree!

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Aunty Jane

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Sep 16, 2021
Amen to that. I would love to see their eyes truly opened to the real, bright light of Jesus.
Funny...we keep hoping the same thing......the Bible (in case you hadn’t noticed) is a book of rules because human beings proved at the very beginning that they could not follow even one simple rule....the consequences of that disobedience was death for the entire human race....has God changed? Has human nature changed? Are humans still disobeying God, justifying all manner of things, the rules for which He has given us with very explicit examples in the scriptures (for our instruction) so that we would know where to draw the line in our choices.

Those who want to disobey God, can’t see the line, because they don’t want to......they have fallen for the same false reasoning that Eve fell for....you can decide for yourselves what to do, in spite of what God says.
We have to be obedient to our Creator, mindful of even the small things that might offend Him. (Luke 16:10)

Justification only works on the people who are justifying things that they know deep down is wrong, but who have talked themselves into thinking it doesn’t matter. If they love it, their heart will find a way to keep doing it. (Jeremiah 17:9)

We will all find out soon enough, what matters to a God who has never changed.
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Apr 30, 2018
Buffalo, Ny
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John 8:36
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Free even to have a Christmas tree if you want a tree; it's nothing but a pretty decoration, a tradition. It has no deeper meaning than that. And anybody who thinks otherwise have been grossly misled and enslaved by the words of some man.

To me this is what Christmas is all about:

Christmas – THE TRUTH

Magnificent, mighty, majestic and mild,
Our God came to earth and was born as a child.
His father a craftsman, his mother a maid
When the Son of God in her arms was first laid.

Heaven rejoiced at the birth of her King
And humble shepherds heard angel choirs sing.
They were led to his birthplace and gazing with awe,
Fell to their knees the new King to adore.

Noble kings from the east came following a star,
Bringing frankincense, gold and myrrh in a jar.
The shepherds so lowly, the magi so proud,
All honoured our Saviour with knees bent and heads bowed.

As the story of Christmas once more is re-told
Nobody needs to be left out in the cold.
All are invited to come to the King,
A penitent heart is all you need bring.

When you have given the gift of your heart,
He’ll wipe out your sin and you’ll get a new start.
This child in the manger lying on straw
Is the King of all kings, so regard him with awe.

For so many Christmas is a time to indulge;
To eat, drink and make merry until their tums bulge.
The real message of Christmas brings love, joy and release.
Give him your heart and you’ll know lasting peace.​
Another wonderful poem.
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