Clever questions atheists can't answer - answered!

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    We don't care about evidence. We know. Sorry you don't.

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    How much did this blessing allegedly cost?
    Who received it?

    There is no evidence on line or wikipedia that the government paid any church or Catholic clergy to bless the Trade Center cross. It's contrary to canon law to accept money for a blessing for any reason.

    Fr. Mychal Judge, the first certified fatality at 9/11, was a Franciscan friar and Catholic priest who served as a chaplain to the New York City Fire Department.. His body was initially laid to rest before the altar of St. Peter's Catholic Church. That may have made the politically correct lefties even more sick.

    And you are wrong about the Establishment Clause. Your agenda is glaring, and so is your intolerance.

    The claim is offensive. Provide documentable evidence of "the government paying for a blessing/ceremony", or retract. Cheap tabloids is not evidence.

    Deceased Fr. Mychal Judge being carried out of the 9/11 rubble.
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    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said that the Constitution was never meant to be neutral about religion. Indeed, he said, “there is no place for that in our constitutional tradition.” He admitted that “you can’t favor one denomination over another,” but that doesn’t mean that religion cannot be favored over non-religion.
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    Can't pay priests for prayer? want mucho dollars to pray people out of happens all the time...try to be honest okay!
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    Im late to the party, but still wanted to add a comment. Anyone could find a list of silly questions and use them as a springboard to validate their own views by virtue of having the "answers." It would be like me going to an atheist chat board, finding the most uninformed questions toward believers and using those to prove how silly the atheists and their views are. Not very convincing other than simply to show what we already know: some Christians are uninformed on some topics (just like some atheists)
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    Entertaining. But here is the one question the scientific and atheists communities can't answer:

    What happened before that?

    Keep asking it and eventually the answer is, "I don't know"...leaving no foundation for the establishment of truth, only contextual assumptions.

    We know.
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    Funny I never seen him lose a single debate with all the others who have proper degrees. And he has had over 100. I would prefer kents degree than all the others. If you get what he got.