Deliverance from Calvinism, Cults, Religion

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Oct 19, 2020
Maine, USA
United States
Then came withdrawal of membership and excommunication. I was told that at a church meeting (small elderly) they all voted for it. I was accused of disrespecting the elders but when I asked them to explain how I got no answer. I pointed out that I had taken pains to be sure I was in agreement with the list of beliefs of the church, an independent Reformed Baptist but was told that it was 'too loose' and was written in the past.
So this isn't the same but it kind of is.

I was in a partnership of 8 including my 1st husband in a printing company. Everyone had contributed their share to start up.
But my husband and I had no money so we invested sweat equity. For the first 6 months no one took a paycheck. We all brought food from home and shared it together. I spent a lot of time there, even sleeping in the warehouse to complete the jobs so we could bill them out.
I worked there for about 6 years and there were changes in the administration so I decided to retire from the partnership and just remain an employee.
After about 3-4 years they hired a new floor manager which really didn't have the knowledge of workflow, and how long it took a job to be done.
And now and then I would go to the production board and give my councel and advice on how long it would take me to complete a certain job. Some would take 20 minutes, others could take 2 weeks.
One day I got a pink slip and told I was fired. What for?
They said I was argumentative with this new manager and I had a bad attitude.
Later that evening I asked my husband how this came to be. He said they were called into a meeting and they all had to vote.
So I asked him, How did you vote? He said he voted to fire me.
Not long after we got divorced.
And not long after that the company went out of business.

I miss the printing industry. I learned how to operate all the machines in the bindery, or the finishing department. I also managed the shipping and receiving, inventory, and sometimes worked in the camera department when they were shorthanded.
The only thing I never learned was to how to run a printing press. The ink didn't like me and a few times I went home looking like smurfette. Not for Even cleaned the bathrooms and washed the floors, changed the lightbulbs. Whatever was needed.
I didn't answer the phones or work in the front office. I always been a warehouse behind the scenes kind of person.
Not much interaction with customers other than to help them with pickup or delivery orders.

Life is funny sometimes. But there's a reason things happen. I believe God took me out of there for a lot of reasons. Not just monetary, but also relationship wise. It was time to move on.
Then I met my 2nd husband and I was introduced to the Trucking world and traveling all around the country.
That's not an easy job either, but that's a whole nother story.

I've had a good life. A lot of ups and downs and sideways. And now I can't work out there, my work is in my home.
And I spend all my waking hours spending them with my dad, my cats, and this place.
I am at rest and in peace.

Much Love!


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Jun 11, 2009
South Florida
United States
In my experience many in Baptist and Presbyterian congregations don't know their denominations subscribe to Calvinism and don't know who Calvin was. Some that do don't care because the matter is never raised and they are in a comfort zone where they get their social needs met.
Well, still if you with love and concern, show them the truth in Gods Word to correct these deviations, I think that would go a lot farther than heavy blows to the heads or berating them endlessly.
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Apr 5, 2009
Hamilton, New Zealand
New Zealand
Well, still if you with love and concern, show them the truth in Gods Word to correct these deviations, I think that would go a lot farther than heavy blows to the heads or berating them endlessly.
Agreed. There are many divisive subjects to be avoided if edification is sought.