I got it! The Cross of Jesus is where He developed a "contempt for future sin" - His contempt kept in check, *saves* us from not resisting sin enough!

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So there is a way to interpret what happened on the Cross, directly: Jesus asked "why Your Abandonment?" and was provoked to fill with contempt; when reflecting on what He had contempt for, He chose sin; choosing sin, the Lord projected contempt for sin in future. That is what completes the Cross: it is a contempt for future sin, on the basis of the forgiveness of the resurrection. The resurrection takes the contempt Christ felt, about the sin Christ felt it for, and breaks the grip of that, so that He no longer feels the contempt, nor fears the sin nor engrosses Himself with the future of it, beyond measure. In other words, the grip of sin is broken and we are free to become creatures of God.

The power of being a creature of God, is exemplified in the fact that the Cross unites us, but the Resurrection manifests differently in all of us. We have spiritual gifts and talents, that are freed from the expectation that the use of them will be wasted by the interference of sin. This is why the Holy Spirit's teaching about sin, and believing in Christ is so important: if we truly see Christ as having broken the grip of sin, then we will no longer desire it ourselves - the world will mourn that the grip of sin is broken, but we will not! This is going to be true for all time, the grip of sin will never grow stronger again. Settling down to business then, is the expectation that we will repent of our sin and find ways to love and ways to embrace. We have a family now, of brothers and sisters that no longer desire sin to have strength.

If we no longer desire sin to have strength, our works will come to reflect a change of heart, that we desire to share the brokenness of sin with others. At first this will startle people, who have no faith; then it will encourage people with no faith to be optimistic or committed, that they attempt a work of their own. They will not necessarily immediately receive "judgment", but the quickening of the Holy Spirit will make that possible at some point too. If then the sin is broken and judgment promised, our works will be able to become "works of greatness", the prayer that we escape the things to come and to stand before the Son of Man will give us a respect and a welcome that is established in our works. In other words, we will be complete in Christ, having no fear of evil (that would use sin) no fear of death (which would strengthen sin) and no fear of power (which could ignore sin).

I hope this has been some encouragment, that there is a clear path to the strength of Christ and His Cross and Resurrection.

God bless.