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    "There make ready" - does faith in Jesus mean everything is provided for? Or do you still need to bring what He commands together? (free?)

    Hi there, So this is a little like a gestalt, where you look at something one way and then you look again and see it another way. The thing I am talking about seeing is the furnished upper room. Jesus said "“Go into the city, and a man carrying a jug of water will meet you. Follow him, and...
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    The Law binds that, by which the Law may be fulfilled - that's the Law! (selah)

    Hi there, So the curse of the Law, is that it binds us before we are ready; because we are abandoned in our sins, the Law comes to us as something that reminds us we are abject, cursed, not at liberty. But we do not need to stay that way. Christ paid the price: for the Law to be fulfilled. But...
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    Help! I've worked out how to corrupt the world, but I don't want them to know how to make things worse? (angry?)

    Hi there, So I've worked out, through careful attention to what the world values, two areas where the world could be more corrupt but is not. But I don't want to let on! I would rather go to my grave with my secret, than be responsible for the world's decay and corruption. It's like working out...
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    Unorthodox? How about this: the book of Revelation is true for every world God ever created (in the universe)?

    Hi there, So I basically hang my hat on the verse that says "there are sheep of other folds, that I must go to" (from memory, the gospels) when it comes to the question of "are there aliens?". If we were just human and there were no aliens, Jesus would have said "I must keep winning souls of...
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    Get your head around this! God started with nothing, and in the end, there will be more nothing than He started with (blank?)

    Hi there, So this is just one of those novel concepts, that reflects the wisdom of God found in Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes (from memory) says "as it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end". This includes what God started with (the "nothing" that God started with). God started with...
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    I'm praying that the Holy Spirit would come to my Church (joining?)

    Hi there, So I have to confess, that I actually saw the Holy Spirit come to my Church - but I didn't recognise Him until after He had left. Sorry. Now I am begging God that He come back, so that I can talk with Him (learn from Him). I figure the best thing I can do, is pray that He comes back...
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    Why does God allow suffering? Because if you have faith: there is no suffering, that He can't suffer *with* you (pained?)

    Hi there, So it really is a simple truth: when we have faith, God suffers with us (selah). In other words, when we have little faith, God divides our suffering with Him. There is no point, in which God does not suffer while we do, except when the suffering is of the Devil - in that case God...
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    God's design is so complicated, it prevents you from knowing it all (lost?)

    Hi there, So look, I've thought long and hard about all the systems that play a part in the body of a creature designed by God and the conclusion I have reached: is that it is impossible, to know it all. There are just so many systems integrated into one another, that no one system explains...
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    God has given me a streak of genius, I cannot hold His Praise back!

    Yes, indeed, God has given me a streak of genius, there is no way in Heaven or Hell, that I could hold His Praise back! I am not better than other people, nor do I have a mean streak, I am simply gifted with a measure of genius, that I treasure like gold - because it is from the Lord! We all...
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    How good is a fragment of the Law? Do we justify ourselves more? (true?)

    Hi there, So I just want to introduce a concept, that relates to the Law. The concept is this: if we cannot be condemned without the Law, because we are ignorant of its direction, can we be condemned on the basis of a fragment of that law? The answer is "only by a fragment". Now this is...
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    I took my medication, and had a perfectly natural desire to vomit them up (pity?)

    Hi there, So I am writing this just to process what I am going through mentally, right now, as well as be a beacon to those that struggle with a similar issue (a medication issue). I have been taking my meds consistently for months, even years, gradually getting better and better with or...
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    I saw a partial vision, of the Spirit of God's Wisdom, swirling above me (worship?)

    Hi there, So, I just had the partial vision of the Spirit of God's Wisdom, swirling above me (like an aura borealis, but one colour) - and I just had to share! I wonder where the Spirit will lead? Yours truly, Chris
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    It's possible to get a second wind, while fasting - you are able to enjoy the benefits of fasting, long before you are finished (fasting?)

    Hi there, So I did a little stint, where I tried to fast and found I could only stand it, for about three days. Then I discovered I could fast much longer, if I just allowed myself to have a little amount of sustenance on the side. Then I realised I was addicted to junk food and that I would...
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    Here's another likeable thread: what is it, that you want the Holy Spirit to take from Christ and give to you the most? (thinking?)

    Hi there, So this is really going to inspire me, I'm sure of it: what is it, that you want for the Holy Spirit to take from Christ and give to you, the most? It could be anything; I don't want to prejudice the answers here - but I know there will be hot and cold answers (hopefully more cold)...
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    "To the weak I became as weak", or how to lose control of how you are perceived - that some might be saved?

    Hi there, I Corinthians 9:22 "To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some." This agrees with the idea that Jesus was made sin, that we might become the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21). When we see...
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    Destroy the old world! Establish the new, with the words of Jesus! (daring?)

    Hi there, So basically, we need to be proclaiming. "Proclaiming what?" you ask. Proclaiming the old world dead, proclaiming the new world, alive in Jesus! The Holy Spirit will speak up for us, as long as we are proclaiming God's Word. Jesus escaped the old world, and without Him it can do...
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    If you can win a brother, with fewer words: should that be the rule? Or is speaking in many words, proof of the greater love of God? (choice?)

    Hi there, So I have been reading this and that, and discussing whether Churches are hot or cold, and I have come to the conclusion that words themselves can be hot or cold, because they can be few or great. Now how is few or great the same as hot or cold, I hear you ask? In the same sense that...
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    The Great Regret, is coming (unspotted from the World?)

    Hi there, So this is something that Christ did not reveal beforehand, presumably because He did not want to encourage needless doubt. For example, the Great Doubt is coming, in connection with Armageddon, where men will doubt their relationship to God and bring about wind and confusion in the...
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    The point is, we know that if we are hot or cold, we are not false, because false at best can only be lukewarm (perceiving?)

    Hi there, So yes, there is a simple calculation you can make on the basis of the choice the Lord gives the Lukewarm Church (Revelation 2). It goes like this: 1) Are you hot or cold? If yes, then you know you have a greater definition than the Lukewarm Church If no, then the question is 2)...
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    The life in Jesus, is like a new leaf! (growing?)

    Hi there, So I just realised that the words Jesus spoke about new wineskins - that you don't put new wine into old wineskins - applied to Jesus facing the cross. Jesus didn't try to put the old Jesus on the Cross, but tried to put the new Jesus on the Cross. This is a marvelous thing to me...