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May 4, 2018
Especially praying for this last part. That peace that passeth all understanding. Amen.
Could it be that the peace we have or don't have is related to how we understand the information at our disposal?
Could lack of peace be because we have pushed away God's constant knocking on our door of understanding. We have assumed incorrectly, we have blocked our ears and deducted that the knocking are messengers of Satan?


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Jan 26, 2008
United States
My prayer requests are often more complicated then the usual things you see posted in the prayer group. As of lately my prayer requests have been moved from this section over to another all because you people won't respect that they are in the prayer request to be prayed for and not discussed!

I have been a member of other Christian forums long enough to see how things go. Controversial topics are often brought up because those are the topics that bother people the most. Unfortunately I don't think those topics solve anything. They are controversial because they are hard topics to solve.

I have one that has already been addressed in the regular forums, and probably has been talked about before over and over again, and will continue to be talked about over and over again. Wouldn't you like to finally see it resolved? How about giving the discussion a rest, and go to God and prayer for it? Do you not believe that God can solve things better then you can?

Currently the time is 3:17 in the morning, and I woke up feeling troubled. Who am I kidding? I am feeling troubled!

The topics deal with "Works Based Salvation" "Obedience is Apart of Salvation" "Sinless Perfectionism" are all related in my head, and they trouble me another others a lot! ENOUGH that I think it is high time that we start praying about them!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I ask that you will please guide our hearts to the truth on controversial topics. Not just the ones I mentioned here, but all the other ones that I have not mentioned as well. You know that I'm not a perfect follower of you, but do take you seriously which is why these topics bother me so much. I have not ever been able to feel like I'm completely sin free, totally obedient, all the time. If it isn't one thing then it's another. You tell us in the Bible not to worry, and to trust you. Here I am worried about things. Some of it is kinda stupid. I worry about my hobby, I worry about what will happen to me in forums, I worry about what will happen to me at work. I worry about how people will treat me. I worry about what will happen when my parents die. I worry about being alone my whole life. And I worry the most about my own salvation. I think it's a sin that I am afraid enough that I don't completely put all my faith in you! I even worry that because I don't have enough faith that maybe I'll be put out away from you, and I worry about burning in hell. Lord I can't sleep because of all my worry and fear.

I think that other people are worried and fearful too. I think that is one of the biggest reasons why so many controversial and hard topics gets discussed on these forums. People want to feel certainty and security, so they search the scriptures and talk about it. But then people form so many different point of views that I think we end up just going in circles. Lord I don't know what the answer is for all this stuff. Shoot! I don't even know how to pray sometimes. Am I saying this all correctly? So I even be posting my prayer? I don't know. But Lord I feel that our Christian community would be better off if we turned to you in prayer more, and maybe discuss less.

Anyways, whatever is correct with this, and what is wrong with this, I do not know. Please Jesus give me and everyone else reading this some relief.

I pray this in Jesus Name,

* This prayer request and prayer post was finished written at 3:42 am.