The Great Regret, is coming (unspotted from the World?)

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So this is something that Christ did not reveal beforehand, presumably because He did not want to encourage needless doubt. For example, the Great Doubt is coming, in connection with Armageddon, where men will doubt their relationship to God and bring about wind and confusion in the nations, that will develop in connection with Armageddon. This will be a testing of the flesh.

So this thing which Christ did not want to reveal, was the testing of the Spirit. What it is is the Great Regret, in connection with the Rapture. When the Rapture comes, many will be left out ("many are called, but few are chosen" gospels, from memory) and this will progress as the Rapture progresses. The thing is, with nowhere else to go, but Hell, many will regret that they did not remain strong and reach out to the Lord as the Rapture was progressing. People will be out of place, resentful, bitter - because they had not considered the Lord to be of any value. This then leads to the standard mourning of the peoples of the world, who can't reconcile themselves to God - because they think the Rapture will come again and they will be ready next time!

This Great Regret is a sad thing! Powers and principalities pass away, and the Holy Spirit asks for them no more and people of all kinds become barren, because they could not put even one person, before themselves, for the Lord's sake. It is about love. It is about reciprocation. It is a mystery, a mystery in Christ. People need to grasp this, that if they stay under the sway of the Devil, they will just regret more and more. The Devil cuts off. Leaves out. Drops to Hell. The whole issue is who is our source? If the Devil can do these things, but we are strong within God, the Devil can't reach us!

So there will be a great many people, who give up on having a relationship with God, at all. They will not convert their faith, to be in agreement with the Holy Spirit, but will stay stuck in the past. The Lord will persevere, with the development of the new Earth, which in turn will be converted to the New Heaven and the New Earth. In part it is a mystery, how He will do this, but it will completely remove the need for regret. That is the point of the Great Regret to God, to test if we can relate to Him, in sincerity (rather than continue on in falsehood, however weak that may be). Imagine if we are sincere with the Holy Spirit, how great our spirit will be!

Don't rather to regret, than serve the Lord - I hope this has been of some encouragement to you.

God bless.