The more benign a mutation, the easier and lighter it is to adapt (selah)

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So there is a simple truth that I think if you have argued with Evolution at all, you are going to like. It is about addressing the orientation towards change, that is, what the motivation is. As it stands, Evolution is about the subjection of the body to pressure lived out through mutation and carried over to adaptation. The idea is that you start with yourself and you mutate and then you change yourself to better suit your survival, such that subsequent generations to you represent the struggle you had with mutation, in a better light. In other words, mutation is an encouragement, that subsequent generations are expressed differently for. The bigger the mutation, the more like you will strive to develop a bigger adaptation. But this is clearly peverse.

The correct way to address mutational change is to propose the following
The more benign a mutation, the easier and lighter it is to adapt (selah)
This is the idea that as the body cleanses itself, of unnecessary perturbations to its design, Evolution can assign more weight to mutations that are benign. That is, the body can prioritize interaction with mutation, to favour those mutations that are benign. The more a mutation is benign, the greater the chance that adaptations will be easier and lighter. Easier and lighter mutations mean that the overall health of the species, will be greater, more defined by the good selection pressures, than the bad. If the good selection pressures can be pursued, survival itself will become stronger.

But how does the body do this (assigning of benignness)? My estimation is that the body has some sort of marking system, that mutations are tagged for being other than what is needed by the body and that these marks are processed, such that the mutations themselves are disentangled from the body and thrown out, once the overall status of the body is established. If you ese awht wsa hipannpeg and you know what it is that started the change, you can revert to a prior state that excludes markers identified as problematic. Hipannpeg becomes happening. The degree to which hipannpeg becomes happening relates to how scrambled the letters of the word become. Happennig is more benign than Hipannpeg, look at the (first) word, there is only one scrambling! The fact that you are able to see this, is testament to your nervous system that it is able to unscramble the mutation, even with very little benign about it.

That's what I mean when I say "the more benign the mutation, the easier and lighter the adaptation", there is no selection pressure for more and more complicated mutations - mutations are set apart until the error can be corrected.

I hope this has been of some blessing. Praise God.