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Discussion in 'Christian Finance Forum' started by Wayne, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Johnlove

    Johnlove New Member

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    [SIZE=16pt]What Jesus has taught me about possessions, may not be what he would teach you.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]For many years Jesus had me live and raise my family in a rented house. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]He allowed me to own a car so I could get to work. The car was always the least expensive we could get. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]I raised four children earning not much more than minimum wage. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]We always had many different places to go for the money earned. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]There were times that my wife and I would wonder how we fed the family. We did not have the money for food, but we always had enough.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]Jesus taught me how to trust, and have faith in him, in how we had to live. Not going to doctors, because of no insurance or money, and trusting Jesus would heal us. Jesus always healed us.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=16pt]To me things one has to have to survive are not considered possessions. Jesus makes sure we had those things. Possession to me, are having more than one needs, when he or she knows others need them, and having things of value one does not need. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]My understanding is based on what Jesus had me live. I tried to live in three different Christian Communities, but each time Jesus showed me they were not of him.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]I believe community is the only way one can totally live what Jesus said about possessions. But found out that living in a Christian Community is not always possible.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=16pt]Jesus never allowed me to own anything of value, except tools, which included a car/truck so I could earn a living. I never had any savings/money in a saving account. [/SIZE]
  2. Axehead

    Axehead New Member

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    Thank you for your testimony. The Lord does want us to trust Him for everything of true value.
  3. heretoeternity

    heretoeternity New Member

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    Todays church buildings are run like businesses...they have heavy overhead costs associated with them. I find it offensive when "pastors" start droning on about the overhead costs such as insurance...my question to them is, if it is God's house why would you spend thousands on insurance? God will look after it if he wants..the pastor even went so far as to question why some of us did not put names on the envelopes and get a tax receipt...my contribution to his building dropped by fifty percent after that..i was so angry..he tried to justify his statements by well if you claimed it on tax deduction you could give more...exit stage left..that was it for that "christian" church..which raises the issue..giving is from the heart, not because of any silly tax deductions etc...I do not agree with this tax deduction arrangement in the first place, as it gives the government agencies an opportunity to try and muzzle pastors from preaching the Bible on certain issues which are very important, but are politically incorrect in todays world...
    There a lot of needy people out there, and I feel to do God's work is to take a homeless person for lunch, or buy them some clothes, or help people in someway..in the New Testament it seems the love of people is very very important..as Jesus said "what you have done for the least among you you have done unto me"...and that my friends sticks in my heart and mind..it's all about the condition of the heart, and helping someone out, whether it is with money, clothes, a meal, or just talk to them whatever..that is where our hearts should be, not about how much to give to some business called a "church"..God bless us all!
    BTW..do you really think God needs our money?
  4. Axehead

    Axehead New Member

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    When you take a "privilege" from the government, you always give up some inalienable rights. When churches become a ward of the state by entering into a 501(c)3 agreement, their speech can be regulated. The "agreement" is don't speak about politics and political leaders and we will let you have your tax-free entity. It is an adulterous relationship. And mammon is at the heart of what motivates and drives many.

    As far as putting your name on the envelope, this is so they can track if you are giving the minimum (10%). I know this is true because many, many years ago when I decided to step back into the religious system, the pastor after a year questioned me on why I was not giving 10%. You see, part of becoming a member of that church was that you had to go to "new members" classes and "officially" become a member of their structure. They then gave you a pack of 52 envelopes with a number on them (tied to your name in their database). Each time you gave they kept a running tallying and they could only guess if you were not giving 10% or not by estimating how much you made (unless you were foolish enough to tell people). I left that church shortly thereafter and have been meeting house to house ever since. We have no such practice in our house church regarding any rules concerning the possessions of others.

    You should be led by the Spirit and give to whoever you purpose in your heart to give to. If your heart is in harmony with the Lord's (one heart) you will be giving as He leads you to give.

  5. rjp34652@yahoo.com

    [email protected] Choir Loft

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    The issue of tithing was invented to support the infrastructure of franchise religion.

    Tithing is nowhere mentioned in the New Testament. In the Old Testament, the practice of tithing is strictly defined and regulated and does not involve regular weekly payments to the local religious organization. There was a temple tax, but that is a different issue.

    We often hear that salvation is a free gift from God, but when we join a fellowship we discover that we'll owe a religious tax for the rest of our lives. Doesn't anyone see the logical disconnection in this? It makes no sense at all.

    Jesus Christ founded the church, but nearly four centuries later the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great founded the institution of Christendom. Prior to Constantine's official state recognition of Christianity, the disciples of Christ were vilified and persecuted. After Constantine's blessing, the priesthood was firmly established with the power to acquire real estate, secure religious taxes, to interpret scripture and so on. The institution of Christendom became a profitable enterprise.

    But in the twenty first century, Christendom the franchise is withering and dying. The Great Apostacy is a fact recognized by every major denomination in Europe, America and Africa. But it is an apostasy of the business of religion, not the true spiritual church.

    Computers may process the address lists of franchise members, but only God knows who the true spiritual members of the church may be.

    The body of Christ, the true church goes on from glory to glory until the Lord returns. Today as we clearly see, Christendom is dying.

    Shall we pay a tax to that which is denying Christ almost as eagerly as secular society? This is the issue, not the regulation of private donations.

    that's just me, hollering from the choir loft...