Where is : The KOG

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Apr 11, 2020
Netanya or Pensacola
1.) The Law both reveals sin and empowers the flesh to sin more.

This is the "curse of the Law". as "the power of sin is the Law" "The law is the power of sin".

"Jesus came to redeem (the born again) from the curse of the Law".


By Himself fulfilling it, in our place, which removes it from the BELIEVER born again.

And, as Jesus is our New Covenant, Blood Atonement = Righteousness, this means that once we are born again, "in Christ"..... we now exist, apart from the Law, as "the righteousness of God, in Christ".

This is = "not under the law, but under Grace".

2.) "Under Grace' is the Eternal LIFE state of every born again believer.

A.) CHRISTIANity, is completely SPIRITUAL......

Its all about being born again, and walking in THE SPIRIT, and that is not done with the natural mind, or by willpower.

See, we are born again INTO God and Christ.........as "one with God" and 'in Christ".

So, they are the Kingdom of God.......itself.....as its a spiritual kingdom, as we are BORN.....AGAIN.....= Spiritually, by the Holy Spirit, into God Himself,... = "God is A Spirit".

3.) So, we become a 'new Creation", .. having been "translated from Darkness, to LIGHT">

See that Light? ?????

That is this...

"God exists IN LIGHT"

"Jesus is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD"..

The Born again, are "Children....OF.....THE.....Light". existing right now as .... "'the Temple of the Holy Spirit" as "seated in Heavenly Places".

4.) This LIGHT is the KOG. Its the Spiritual Kingdom of LIGHT< vs the Devil's kingdom that is spiritual darkness.

Jesus said that the KOG is "within you", and that is This : "Christ IN YOU, the Hope of Glory".

That is what it means to be : BORN .. AGAIN.... = "under Grace", ... "In Christ"....>"one with God".....having become "the righteousness of God, in Christ".