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  1. Behold

    How to teach : Salvation Pt 3

    - There is absolutely nothing you can do of yourself that God will accept, to accept you. The human race, FALLEN = is unacceptable to God. Why? Because God is Holy, Righteous, and Pure, and the human race is evil, fallen, sinful, and unrighteous. See that Disconnect? Jesus came here to die on...
  2. Behold

    How to teach : Salvation #2

    - Let me show you a Mystery. A disciple, is a follower of Jesus. And you can be that one, and not be born again and on your way to Hell. Dont Believe in Hell? Well, thousands went there today and tomorrow and yesterday, and now they believe in it. Remember that... A Christian, is not a...
  3. G

    Each successive Heaven, is more by faith than the last (selah)

    Hi there, So yes, just thinking about Heaven and falling back on Paul's suggestion that it is possible for someone to be caught up to the third Heaven, it behooves us to think on how the Heavens work. Something that is fairly self-evident, is that each successive Heaven, is more by faith than...
  4. Behold

    Putting on the Armor : Pt 2

    - Putting on the Armor of God is done in your mind of real faith. Putting on the Armor of God is to understand who you are in Christ, which is the renewed mind. That's how you put it on, and keep it on. Let me show you a mystery. Your "old man", is "crucified with Christ"........so, WHO is...
  5. Behold

    How to have Victory.

    - Paul teaches that : "Christ always gives (us, him) the Victory". What Victory? What is Paul's context? Listen.. "Victory", is deliverance from and over .... the world, your flesh, and the devil....at all times. So, Why dont most believers exist in that Victory? Its because they are trying...
  6. Behold

    To be born again... Lesson #1

    - To Be born again means. : 1.) Your sins are on Christ because "God made JESUS to be sin for us, who knew no sin"..... And God's Righteousness has become yours, as you have become "the Righteousness of God in Christ"....."made Righteous". This is : "Salvation". This is "Redemption". This...
  7. Behold

    How to Teach : Salvation

    """For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved... IT = is the power of God.""" Reader, notice that Salvation is based only on : The Cross. Accept no substitute, as the Devil's owned have many they will offer you in its place. And notice that...
  8. Behold

    No 2nd Chance in : Hell

    - There is no 2nd Chance to go to heaven, found in Hell. And its the Devil's lie to teach that Hell can be escaped. Being found in Hell after you die, is proof that you are eternally separated from God, which is why you are there. Let me show you why you will never get out of hell, never get...
  9. Behold

    Put on that Armor.

    Paul tells us to put on the whole armor of God. Ephesians 6. So. reader....who's armor is it? ITs Gods. So this means its Spiritual, and you can't see it. What does that mean? It means you don't work for it, and you don't strive to have it, and you don't try to do it. You RECEIVE IT from...
  10. G

    This is a sign in Heaven: see if you can guess what it is? (Suggestions?)

    Hi there! There is a spiritual breakthrough happening in my life, right now: I wonder if you can guess what it is? Can you guess the sign? It's like the sign given Daniel, also like the sign of Jonah. It's powerful and it's free. What are your thoughts?
  11. Behold

    How to teach it wrong.

    Let me show you how to understand how to teach a verse wrong. Here is how you do it. You simply filter the bible through a carnal mind or through cult teaching = AS your theology. Let me show you how that is done, specifically. Lets say you are deceived Hyper-Calvinist. This means your...
  12. Behold

    WE have the : Hope

    1 Corinthians 11:1 Paul, the apostle to the gentiles....= knew how to enjoy the best of times, and also how to face the worst it could be. He told us he had "finished his course'.... = as in "obstacle" course. He was once "snuck" out of a City, in a basket to escape being murdered, and that...
  13. Rapture and End Times

    Good News for 2023: Our Universe and Our Fate

    People have always looked up to the night sky with questions. Some of these questions are relatively new, due to our recent, clearer scientific understanding of the way things work. But, the Holy Bible has the best answers! Good News for 2023: Our Universe and Our Fate
  14. Behold

    Rest in God's Salvation

    - Reader, are you born again? THEN... IF you are a good disciple or if you are not a good disciple you are still and always a disciple, because being BORN AGAIN is not caused by your good behavior, nor is it ended by your bad behavior. Salvation is a GIFT from God. = never earned and never...
  15. Behold

    Jesus our : Sanctification

    Jesus is our entire Sanctification. Do you have Him in you? Are you born again? So, when we are "In Christ", we are as spiritually sanctified as God Himself. = "as Jesus is.... so are the born again IN this World". Sanctification means to be 'set apart"., and the Born again are "not of this...
  16. MatthewG

    EXCERPT: Revelation 21 - Information from commentary

    From Pages 9-10 out of 61. ebook-commentary-on-revelations-on-revelation-volumes-1-22 In Revelation 21, the New Jerusalem is pictured in much the same way as it is in Isaiah 60. 18 Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy...
  17. Behold

    On The Cross

    On the Cross....Jesus became your sin.........all of it. 2 Corinthians 5:21 Jesus took it all upon Himself and DIED, and it ended there. He didn't come out of the Grave with your sin on Him......He left it, and that is were you sin is found. Its not on you. It's on the Cross of Christ....its...
  18. Behold

    Born again = Righteous

    Reader, An unbeliever is "under the law" : shows you that you are a sinner, with no Righteousness. You need Christ, so that God can give you His Righteousness. "Under Grace" : provides you with God's Righteousness as..>"The Gift of Righteousness", as proven by being born again. Now...Here is...
  19. Behold

    How to understand : God's Foreknowledge

    - Hyper Calvinist's who are deceived, can never understand nor comprehend the "foreknowledge" of God.....= What this actually means. So, lets look at it together.. "FORE". "Knowledge". A.) BE-FORE" it happens, God knows it will. That is "foreknowledge". See that? That is God knowing...
  20. Behold

    Seeing the difference = renewing the mind

    - Perhaps the single most important understanding you can attain, regarding being "born again", is the understanding regarding the distinction between : Salvation, and Discipleship. Most Believers do not see them as DIFFERENT, and until you understand that they are completely different, you'll...