Without a love of Creation, the anti-Christ can only rule with a harder and harder fist (so to speak) (submissive?)

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Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

So just to help you get a perspective on the tribulation, what you need to understand, is that the anti-Christ does not have the love of Creation in him (not the love of the Creation, that Jesus had) and without that all he can do is rule with a harder and harder fist (so to speak). In other words, there is nothing that drives his rule, but the will to power, the desire for greater and greater see (overlooking of the lives of others). This was Israel's weakness from the beginning, which is why it is called the time of Jacob's trouble. The weakness of wanting power despite not converting weakness (as love allows), ultimately doesn't work, because you need to rely on love - if only to make the rule of the flesh sustainable. This is a shock, to the world and the leaders of the world will ultimately condemn it (the harder and harder nature of it).

But does that mean that the other nations will step or even shun Israel? The point is, for the sake of the faith in the meantime, that God has no desire that this hardness spread to the other nations. The nations will wait under God, until Israel falls and reconstitutes itself with a new creed, one that it can only have taken from the Lord (Jesus Christ - let the reader note). This will usher in a Golden Age of international cooperation, for which the nations can praise God. What you need to note, is the wisdom, to let the old way of things give way to the older - that was older in God. God does not lose His Power in this, but rather increases it - indeed if you are watching the rapture and the tribulation together, you will notice that God is satisfied when His Power has come to fullness. That is the measure of God's tolerance.

Is this something that will happen again and again (the threatening of harder and harder rule)? No! Once the nations of the World have seen the spirit of rule, in the Lord Jesus (as Christians declare, let the reader note of Jesus) they will no longer immediately desire the new wine, for they will say together that the old wine was better (from the gospels, from memory). It will be a thing very near to the people's of the nations of the world, not to forget what happened, when weakness was unschooled and let loose - as will invite massive protest (first from the faith, then the children, then all people). This is a threefold cord that will not be quickly broken, in Jesus' Name. It is important to remember, that the anti-Christ pauses his rule in honour of Christ, when he is able - we are not wrestling with flesh and blood but principalities and powers in Heavenly places (as it says in the letters, from memory); the anti-Christ is mortal, he is able to humble himself (if the example of sin, is not forced on him).

I hope this is of some encouragement to you.

God bless.